BMW i8 Key

February 01, 2015

BMW i8 Key Fob image

Technology marches ever forward, and BMW seeks to utilize it in whatever way possible in order to make their vehicles special and unique from all others. Touchscreen capabilities give us an amazing amount of speed and power – with just a single touch, we can do numerous things. From playing simple games to turning off the lights in your home from miles away, touchscreens and programs combined together give us the power to do things that we may not have dreamed about before.

BMW i8 Key

BMW has sought to use this sort of technology. Combining the power of the touchscreen and a key fob, they’ve created a unique set of BMW i8 keys that enables you to do multiple things with your BMW i8. Rumors about the BMW touchscreen key fob have been floating around for some time, but it wasn’t until recently that the actual key fob was revealed.

Power and Technology

The key fob can do many of the typical things that current key fobs do – that is, remotely unlock or lock the doors and start the vehicle – it also shows the driver the status of the car on a 2.2-inch LED screen. But what kind of information? Quick and handy stats, such as fuel level, current battery electric range, and even a range of submenus that will show you if doors are currently locked, if windows are locked, and so forth. Want that to change? A simple touch allows you to lock individual areas of your BMW i8 if you like. Configure a preconditioning setting so your car is the perfect temperature when you hop in during hot summer days.


Your BMW i8 keys can easily be recharged inside the car itself, uses a lithium-ion battery, and will only operate within the specific range of the car. That means even with all the great tech in this little BMW touchscreen key fob, you don’t have to worry about losing it and someone messing about with your car from far away later on.

As the eagerness heats up for the BMW i8, now there’s just one more little delight to look forward to! Come see the future today at Braman BMW West Palm Beach.

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