BMW Individual Collection: The Expression of Personality

August 10, 2016

BMW Individual Collection | Braman BMW WPB

A BMW can be a unique expression of the person driving it. You may not be able to take a Monet or Van Gogh painting out for a spin and show off your understanding of it, but you can with a piece of art from the BMW Individual Collection. These are bespoke BMWs designed by you, for you.

You want a specific feel, a specific look, something that’s yours alone and that no one else possesses. It’s not just about broad choices like color. It’s about every unique touch. Imagine getting into your BMW and knowing no one else has one like it: the grain of the wood trim, the type of leather, even the stitching, and the very finish and luminosity of the paint itself.

The equipment and fit can be tailored for you as well. A vehicle designed through our BMW Individual Manufaktur process is a special car. Every BMW is built to respond to the driver, to make you feel as if all you need to do to drive the car is think about what you want – only to have it respond.

Yet these BMWs can be designed with the help of your BMW dealer to fit you. It’s like putting on a fine suit or dress, whose measurements are all designed for you, and no one else. You have a hand in the creation, in the process. It is literally an act of tailoring an entire car just for you.

Virtually anything becomes an option. Do you want monogrammed features. Designer stitching? Emblems? Built-in accessories? Elements built from precious metals? Every BMW can be a unique expression of what a driver wants to see when they enter their car. Every BMW can feel different to the driver, being that much more responsive. Think it, the car does it: that’s the goal. Every element can be made smooth, exciting yet comforting all at once. To access the BMW Individual Collection and design your own, speak to your BMW dealer as soon as you can to get the process started.

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