BMW Leasing Deals

January 18, 2015

2015 BMW x5 image

A BMW is a beautiful car – you know this. And you’d like to have one. And yet you find yourself stuck in a place where you can’t decide quite what to do. You want to own a BMW, but perhaps you can’t quite afford a brand new one. Yet at the same time, while all BMWs are amazing, you don’t exactly want to buy a pre-owned one either. However, it’s important to realize that those aren’t the only two possibilities available to you. In fact, now may be the perfect time to discover that there is a third option: BMW lease offers.

Available BMW Lease Specials

BMW leasing specials vary depending upon the dealership, the time of year, and which vehicle it is. But the fact remains that BMW lease deals are the best way to afford a brand new BMW. Rather than worry about spending a great deal of money and then worrying about monthly payments that might be a bit too tight for you, you can opt for the lease instead. For example, currently you can lease a BMW 320i for just $4,189 down and pay $179 per month for 36 months. A brand, new BMW 320i! But the possibilities don’t stop there.

How about a BMW 328i for $4,189 down and just $189 a month? Or perhaps you’ve been looking at the X1 – same amount down, and just $219 a month. If the BMW 535i is more your style, then put the $4,189 down and pay $439 per month. The same can be said for the BMW X3. Bump it up to a sleek X5 for $569 a month!

Or you can always go all out and get a BMW 640 Convertable for $5,689 down and $859 a month for 39 months, or the stunning BMW 750Li for $5,689 down and $829 per month for 36 months. With so many varieties of BMW cars waiting for you, your newest tough choice might be which one to pick.

Act Fast! January Deals End Soon!

Remember a lot of BMW leasing deals don’t last forever, so when you see a good one, act on it. Braman BMW currently offers these excellent deals, allowing you to enjoy a brand new BMW at fantastic costs, but these deals will only last until January 31, so contact them today and finally have a BMW in your driveway!

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