BMW M Series

June 13, 2016

BMW Dealership in Florida | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

The BMW M Series features powerful vehicles that are constantly pushing the limits and leaving drivers in total delight as they fly down the road in the best of comfort. Even better, there are 10 models in the beloved M Series, ranging from coupes to convertibles; there is bound to be one that suits your personal style perfectly. The Braman BMW dealership in Florida is more than ready to help you pick out one and watch you drive happily into the sunset.

Based on the same concept that many BMWs are built on, the M Series comes straight from the racetrack, where BMW fights to win at top times and show the world who makes the best sports car. Utilizing those designs, it all trickles down into a consumer-friendly package – but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of the mundane. The BMW M Series is anything but average. Roaring down the road with the lightness of carbon fiber and the power of a twin-turbocharged engine will feel like a dream.

Inside you’ll find dynamic design with intuitive controls and some of the most cutting-edge technology to date. From GoPro cameras to built-in apps, there are dozens of things you can do, monitor, and utilize. Whether you need a map or want to time your laps at one of Club Braman’s expert racing events (something you won’t find at any other BMW dealership in Florida), the choices are at your fingertips.

You should most definitely check out the BMW M Series – especially since there are so many to choose from. Take a day to go out to the Braman BMW dealership in Florida and look at all the different models. Consider all the different features. Be sure to ask questions to help narrow down your choice. Ultimately, drive away in a brand new M Series, knowing that it’s perfect for you.

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