BMW Named Most Sustainable Auto Company

October 28, 2016

BMW i Series | Braman BMW

The Dow Jones Index keeps a close eye on companies throughout the world and isn’t afraid to let everyone know when businesses are embarking on worthwhile paths. In this case, the BMW I Series has only boosted the automaker’s standing with Dow Jones – and, more importantly, with drivers.

Last month, the Dow Jones Index named BMW as the most sustainable auto company. In fact, BMW has ended up in the Dow Jones Index every year since 1999 – the same year the Dow Jones Index came into being. They’re proud to add that they are only one of three auto manufacturers to have that honor for so long. The new BMW for sale that you see will have a lower emissions than its predecessor, as BMW has slowly but surely been reducing CO2 emissions for the past ten years. So far, emissions have been reduced by 40%.

However, BMW is continuing that goal by creating a line that allows drivers to enjoy the speed and power of a BMW without the need for gasoline. Aiming for pure electric power, the BMW I Series gives people a chance to see what it’s like to have a fantastic car that decreases their footprint on the world. You can test a new BMW for sale yourself; find out what makes it so excellent and what it is that the Dow Jones Index sees.

Not only does BMW maintain sustainability in their vehicles, but also throughout the company. From how it powers its plants to maintaining corporate offices, diverse aspects of the business are always addressed and if possible, improved upon. Dow Jones looks at all these things rather than just products, which is why BMW has beaten out other competitors in the past and continually made the list year after year.

Take some time to examine that new BMW for sale and know that when you decide to buy or lease, you’re making a choice to work with a top quality company.

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