BMW Dealer Joins “Eyes on Gigi” Interactive Campaign

May 05, 2016

BMW Specials | Braman BMW

Luxury car companies are all about innovation and discovering new ways to reach people. This time they’re looking to utilize a “digital-­first” concept in order to showcase the beauty and elegance of the new BMW M2 Coupe with the goal of getting a person out of their chair and into their nearest BMW dealer to start asking about BMW specials.

This time BMW is working with American supermodel Gigi Hadid. The concept of “Eyes on Gigi” is simple – Gigi slips into a BMW M2 Coupe. One of five, in fact. In stunning red, she disappears into the gorgeous sapphire vehicle and from there the goal is to do exactly as the film requires – keep your eyes on Gigi. In the end, are you able to identify which coupe she is in?

Not only can you watch the video and make a guess, you can also watch it in 360, which allows you to move the screen either with your mouse on a computer or by positioning your phone to look at multiple angles. At the end of the video you can visit a particular BMW website in order to check your answer. Will Gigi step out of the car you chose? And if you chose incorrectly – who is inside?

It’s a fun, quick video that allows you to see BMW speed down a track with amazing handling in ways that only BMW can deliver. Choose, and then find out more about the BMW M2.

Both BMW and Gigi are excited about the concept and look forward to working together in the future. Ask your BMW dealer about possible future ideas that may be coming out – you never know what they might be able to tell you. Until then, indulge in the BMW specials they have to offer and perhaps hop into your very own BMW M2 Coupe.

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