BMW Teams with Intel and Mobileye to Bring Autonomous Driving by 2021

August 24, 2016

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The joy of a BMW is in feeling how responsive it is to you as a driver – but what about those days where you’re behind schedule or still need to send e-mails and organizational texts? Or those days when you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride?

Fear not, because BMW, Intel, and Mobileye are forging ahead to bring fully automated cars into production by 2021. After all, when you look for a new BMW for sale, you want all the latest tech at your fingertips.

You know BMW and you know Intel, the technology and computing supergiant. Mobileye is the final part of that equation. This company is dedicated to developing computer vision and machine learning.

Now, the goal of automated driving isn’t to take your power away as a driver. What fun would that be? Instead, the goal is to give you even more options as to how you want to drive. What if you need to take your hands off the wheel to deal with an urgent text or phone call? What if you’re driving late at night and feel drowsy? The goal here is to give you the option of letting the computer in the car assist you or take over, if need be. You can still be in full command when you need – or want – to be.

If you have a half-hour commute to and from work, that’s an hour total spent in traffic. What if you had the option to spend that time catching up on work or correspondence or getting some badly needed down-time in between your home and work life. That’s the goal here: to free up drivers so they can use their time as they wish. You can always take over command again and feel the car respond to your control.

We’re looking into the future, but even the current new BMWs come with the latest technological advancements – headlights that anticipate turns, night vision, heads-up-displays directly on the windshield, and connected apps. You can even analyze your driving tendencies or live stream your drive if you want. Whether you’re looking for a new BMW for sale or to lease a BMW, it’s an incredible time to be part of the BMW family.


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