Stepping Up Electric BMW Options

December 10, 2016

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

BMW has positioned itself at the beginning of an exciting revolution. With the tremendous success of cars like the BMW i8, the era of electric BMW is right around the corner.

Don’t worry, BMW will still be making gas-powered performance cars. Yet the i8 proved that they can make a futuristic performance electric BMW that stays on pace and holds the road just as well as its gas-powered cousins.

That opens up a lot of possibilities, one of which is an electric take on the MINI (the MINI marque is owned by BMW). The BMW i3 platform might become the base for this model. It’ll take some engineering. Luckily, that’s what BMW is best at.

Already, the German maker has announced that battery capacity on the BMW i3 will be increased by 50 percent. This will give the i3 a range of up to 114 miles on a full charge. Adventure, unlimited.

If they continue with the plan to use the BMW i3, they’ll have to retool the body considerably. The platform would have to fit a larger battery and factories would have to be upgraded in order to make the switch to an all electric BMW. The i3 can already be used as an all-electric, yet its abilities and engineering could lead to a dynamic and fun MINI.

The i3 is already a wildly successful, sporty electric BMW. Its low center of gravity also makes it an optimal platform for this kind of MINI conversion; it handles with that BMW response and precision and can deliver a truly performance-oriented driving experience in a MINI.

No decision has come down from BMW yet, but cars like the BMW i3 offer an exciting glimpse into the future of performance-driven electric cars.

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