BMW Vision iNext Concept Debut

January 17, 2019
BMW Vision iNext | BMW iNext Concept | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

The end of the year is always jam packed with fun. So many things vie for our attention, and the most interesting seem to center around the future. The future always seems to promise better, and it’s with this in mind that the BMW Vision iNext concept debuted at the LA Auto Show. The BMW iNext concept is a brash and brave design.

Future Comfort

BMW’s goal here was to make an advanced luxury utility vehicle that places technology and future-proofing as its primary goals. Here’s a vehicle that aims to fold in the technology of the next 10 years. What does that mean for drivers? The BMW Vision iNext is all-electric. The interior is a sea change for luxury design across the entire market.

Comfort is prioritized in both feel and design, but it’s how well that comfort is blended together with technology that’s truly striking. For instance, want to turn the volume up? Draw a circle on the fabric of your seat, and adjust by movement. This seems unusual at first, but it quickly becomes so much more efficient and unconscious a motion than reaching for buttons or a dial.

Streamlined Control

The dashboard feels like you’re piloting the starship Enterprise. While other makers have striven to overwhelm with technology to the point where you can barely set your arm down without accidentally hitting a button, BMW’s long been looking to streamline how technology is accessed. The way to make technology easy and second-nature is to present it in simplified ways.

Perhaps most importantly, the BMW iNext concept is capable of autonomous driving. The steering wheel will recede as the vehicle drives itself. Turn up the music with a gesture and enjoy a “paper book,” where a rear projector transmits the pages of the book and the device flips pages with a simple swipe.

Re-Inventing Ease

The BMW Vision iNext is that it only features two driving modes: Boost to drive it yourself, and Ease for autonomous driving. This is a self-chauffeuring car, designed for luxurious ease. You’ll be able to get ample performance and pinpoint handling from it, but the focus is on how it folds technology into your life in an easy-to-grasp way.

These days, when technology sometimes feels overwhelming and controls our lives, it’s nice to turn to a vehicle like the BMW Vision iNext and see something that offers that level of control back. Ease shouldn’t be difficult to access or understand. The BMW iNext concept is a haven that remembers this.

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