BMWi Living Electric, Wherever You are

September 26, 2017

BMW is over a century old; how does the legendary brand keep its edge? How does it stay on top of the luxury auto world and continue to earn the respect – and the diehard enthusiasm – of drivers around the world? By committing to continual innovation. By creating, and integrating, the most advanced technology in the industry. And by delivering the end-results that their customers crave: performance vehicles that are as refined as they are powerful. And as efficient as they are exhilarating. By creating “Ultimate Driving Machines” like the BMW i.


Electrifying Experiences

MR PORTER  is a “global online retail destination” for men with a flair for fashion – or at least want to dress like it. It is trendy, current, and hot. But… what does this have to do with BMW? The iconic brand and the retailer have partnered up to create an exclusive edition of the i3. The MR PORTER i3 runs solely on electric power and is made with an astonishing 95 percent recyclable materials.

According to MR PORTER: “The aesthetic is informed by the enduring appeal of the tuxedo, and references the luxury of bespoke suiting, such as the pinstripe-inspired detail along the chassis.” Every design element is carefully considered and executed to align with clientele’s tastes, from the MR PORTER badge to the Capparis white hand-painted accent to the certified dark oak panelling and dark leather floor mats

But that ride, though. This special edition boasts all the power and agility you expect, with an incredibly smooth, near silent drive.

A unique aspect of the BMW i is these collaborations and partnerships. The automaker seeks innovative thinkers from all industries to create ground-breaking projects. Whether you want a MR PORTER i3 or just  a “standard” (though BMW doesn’t make “standard”) i model BMW for  sale, the point remains: BMW is committed to ingenuity, to thinking outside the box, to pushing the boundaries.

They have done all this with exemplary results with their i line. Whatever you think you know about electric and hybrid vehicles? Forget it, and get to know these stellar, class-leading, mold-breaking cars.


BMW Redefining Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The i line encompasses two exciting vehicles:

  • i3. This all-electric BMW is a locally emissions-free vehicle that is specifically designed for city driving – and for sustainability. Get ready for incredible 137 miles per gallon city and 111 miles per gallon highway. Finally, a car that’s more efficient in traffic! And with 170 hp, you’ve got a vehicle with gusto. It has the horsepower to leap from 0 to 60 and the torque to keep you there.
  • i8. The i8 is the proof you need to win any argument stating that hybrids lack spirit and cannot keep up with fuel-powered sports cars. It can, and it does with 357 hp- all while giving you a 15 mile electric range, 76 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent), and 28 MPG. The durable electric battery is coupled with a powerful TwinPower Turbo engine for ultimate excitement. BMW calls it “Innovation disguised as a sports car.”

The guiding principle behind both models is “Intelligent Sustainability.” Rather than treat sustainability as a buzzword, BMW takes it as a challenge and has committed to maximize the conservation of resources throughout all steps of their development process – and beyond.

BMW didn’t just reuse an existing model and tack on efficiency-adding features. They started from the ground up by designing a platform specifically for electric mobility. They’ve integrated recycled and recyclable materials where possible, and the production plant in Leipzig runs on energy from regenerative sources. The vehicles themselves reduce emissions and technology like ECO PRO Mode further reduce power needs and increase the range of the electric battery.

As mentioned, 95 percent of the materials in the i3 can be recycled: battery modules see a second life as storage for wind or energy plans, and carbon fibres are reused in production. Whether your goal is to save money at the pump or begin to think more conscientiously about our use of resources, the BMW i will empower you to achieve it.


But…Is It a Hassle?

The key to sustainability is to help people adopt behaviors that last. If you cannot charge your electric vehicle easily, if you cannot integrate it into your life fully, just how “sustainable” is it? The i3 and i8 make owning your BMW as effortless as driving it.

The average car is parked 22 hours per day, ample time with which to easily recharge your batteries with the standard charging cable, the BMW i Wallbox, or the Wallbox Pro. You can find also find charging stations via the ChargeNow mobility service for convenient recharges while you’re working, shopping, or grabbing a bite.

You can truly live – and drive – electric with complete convenience, and with even better results. The BMW i series is one of a kind: it makes sustainability easy – and sexy.


BMWi Sustainable, Cost-Saving, Efficient – and Then Some

In addition to its class-leading status in the electric vehicle world, the i Series adds some serious benefits. Carbon fibre reinforced performance. Ultra-lightweight BMW LifeDrive. 360° Electric Lifestyle Program. As BMW says, “Finally an EV that performs like a BMW. Because it is one.”

With the BMW i, you can live electric anywhere – and instead of detracting from your driving experience, it will only enhance it. If you are seeking a BMW for sale, consider going electric. Once you make the switch, you may never go back. And that is a truly sustainable choice.

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