Boundless Connectivity: BMW ConnectedDrive

December 20, 2014

Connected Drive by BMW

As lovers of well made performance cars, those of us who love the drive know that there is more to the driving experience than just the power under the hood. There are so many more delightful experiences to be enjoyed on the open road, and we want our vehicles to perform in more ways than speed. Here is where BMW shines in creating the perfect driving experience. With ConnectedDrive, you can make the driving experience uniquely your own. How, you may ask? Read on.

BMW Connected Drive

Bring Your Home Media With You

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a synchronized system to take your audio books and other files with you on the go? That is the case with the “on demand” home media center with Connected Drive. Whether syncing with your WiFi while your vehicle rests in your garage or using the new wireless standard LTE, you can experience transfer rates of more than 100 Mbit/s.

Outstanding Multimedia

While we love technology and look forward to the updates, we don’t always enjoy getting the hang of a new user interface or system. Fortunately, Connected Drive allows you to use your Apps and plug-in functions through the control display exactly the same as you would on your iPod, making the audio and menu items easy and familiar.

Anticipating The Drive

If you never thought you would love to sit through those red lights, the innovation of the Connected Drive system can change the way you look at your morning commute. With your favorite videos, that new audio book, and other media available at your fingertips, there is no reason to dread the evening commute anymore.

As BMW continues to lead the way in technology and luxurious innovation, you can expect that they will continue to focus on what makes the ride not just powerful, not just luxurious, but just as unique and customized as you could possibly want it to be. Stop into your BMW West Palm Beach dealership and see what is new for next year.

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