The Braman BMW ‘M Lounge’

December 26, 2013
Braman BMW M Lounge

A major part of ‘the Braman Way’ is the idea that “continuous success requires continuous innovation.”  And, judging from Braman’s status as one of the top two dealerships in the U.S. their innovation department is on target and working overtime.

The latest great idea comes from Braman BMW and is called the “M Lounge.”  Its basis is the recognition that the business space is changing these days, and customers don’t want to be sitting in uncomfortable chairs across a desk from a salesman who is spending half his time looking at his computer.

“Apple re-defined the retail space with a relaxed environment,” says Raj Alexander, Director of Sales for Braman BMW Palm Beach.  “Apple stores are casual, chic and trendy with the feel of a high-end hotel lounge.  That’s a great description of the BMW M Lounge, except that instead of computers, it has a sampling of the world’s hottest high performance cars scattered around the lobby.  The M models are a cut above the rest of the BMW line, and M customers now have an appropriate space in which to appreciate the cars and do business.”

The Braman BMW M Lounge is distinguished by a spare, elegant space with small groupings of black leather couches, small tables, and a giant 70-inch LCD screen that allows the customer to work on a personal basis with the sales associate to custom-configure his or her M-spec BMW, e-mail the specs to the factory and even follow along as the car is being built.

Even though the Braman BMW M Lounge has only been in operation a couple of weeks, the effectiveness of the concept is already making itself felt among both customers and members of the sales team.  The relaxed, personal environment makes the customers feel more comfortable and makes the process of designing and purchasing a new car into an enjoyable experience they tell their friends about.  And their active participation in creating their new car results in a more highly-customized, more satisfying vehicle than they would have gotten dealing across a desk.

Even the sales people like the M Lounge for the different environment it provides.  “These are specially-trained people dealing with special customers to create a special car in a special environment,” says Alexander.  “And the end result is… special.”

To schedule a visit to the Braman BMW M Lounge, please visit Braman BMW Palm Beach.

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