Bringing Luxury to Ride Sharing: BMW’s ReachNow

October 14, 2016

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The new social and technological era that we live in has brought about some interesting changes. One of these innovations is the concept of ride sharing. As the idea grew in popularity, BMW took notice. Not one to leave an idea on the table without first thoroughly examining it, the automaker decided that ride sharing could be a great way to bring BMWs to people who might not otherwise experience them. Like BMW lease specials, ride sharing makes this legendary brand even more accessible.

ReachNow is the name of BMW’s service, and it debuted in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. No, this isn’t Uber. You’re not calling someone to come pick you up and drive you around like a taxi service. Rather, ReachNow allows you to actually drive the BMW, so you’re getting the full experience at only a fraction of the price.

There’s no need to seek out a BMW dealer in South Florida (unless you decide in the future you’d like to buy or lease one yourself!). Instead, simply download the app, register your information, give it about two minutes to go through the approval process, and then go grab your car. BMWs are placed in a “Home Area” – certain spots throughout the city – where you drive it away, use it for however long you need it, and then take it back once you’re finished.

This is ridesharing like you’ve never seen; you benefit from the ease and flexibility that the program offers, and when your errands, work commute, or adventure is done, so is your responsibility and obligation. Perfect!

Enjoy ReachNow to your heart’s content and drive all sorts of different BMW models for all your daily needs. You may decide a Bimmer is in your future – and that you don’t want to share! If so, visit your trusted BMW dealer in South Florida for more information.

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