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  • The future of the BMW M2
    After nearly a year of speculation, BMW has finally revealed the next generation M2 series. It is believed that the BMW 2 Series will be the ultimate luxury car for the company.  Images obtained from Mexico reveal that the BMW 2 series is the real deal, and that includes power, performance, and pomp. The reason
  • M2 Competition
    In a bold statement from DriveTribe, the BMW M2 Competition “marks the moment BMW effectively out-Porsched Porsche.” Aggressive, athletic, and gutsy, the M2 Comp is an icon in the making. The entry-level M2 is a good car. Not stellar. Not exceptional. It was just a reliably solid car with great handling and cornering. But for
  • BMW M Series | BMW M2 For Sale | Braman BMW | West Palm Beach, FL
    The BMW M series is known for throwing a few unexpected pitches at you. Just when you think they’re going to announce one edition, they come out with something you never could have predicted. That’s the case with the newest BMW M2 for sale, the Black Shadow edition. Saving the Day This collector’s take on