The New BMW M2 Coupe Black Shadow Edition

May 18, 2018
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The BMW M series is known for throwing a few unexpected pitches at you. Just when you think they’re going to announce one edition, they come out with something you never could have predicted. That’s the case with the newest BMW M2 for sale, the Black Shadow edition.

Saving the Day

This collector’s take on the M2 Coupe is like a superhero’s ride straight out of the movies. It’s entirely jet black – Black Sapphire Metallic. The mirror caps are carbon fiber, the exhaust pipes black chrome. Even the specially made 19-inch wheels come in one color: black. There’s a new carbon fiber diffuser as well. You’d expect this entry in the BMW M series to come wearing a cape, but that might prove a bit of a legal problem. Everything else about it is ready for flying down the road and saving the day.

Power is produced by the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six at a substantial 365 hp. The six-speed manual makes a beautiful return for those who really want to throw the M2 Black Shadow Edition into gear by hand. It gives you a rare feeling of command as you accelerate off a tight turn. For those who prefer the proven seven-speed dual-clutch and its automatically smooth transitions, this is an option as well.

Jaw-Dropping Effect

This could be the culmination of the N55 engine era for the M2 coupe. Rarely has a performance car realized its peak in such a stylish, satisfying way. It’s just come available, and the effect of the M2 Black Shadow Edition roaring down the highway is unparalleled. It’s the kind of rare, jaw-dropping car that insists people turn their heads and admire, as much a piece of art as an engineering accomplishment.

Sometimes you just want to feel like a superhero as you run from one place to another throughout your day. That’s exactly what the M2 Black Shadow Edition offers.

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