Check Out the BMW X Series Lease Deals in Palm Beach

September 26, 2015
The BMW X Series, including the X5, for sale in Palm Beach

Welcome to the Braman BMW dealership West Palm Beach location. There are hundreds of BMWs here for you to choose from. Bold colors, swift lines, tops down, SUVs ready – no matter what walk of life you strive for, there is a BMW for you.

The BMW X Series is a stunning lineup of the SUVs that BMW has created. While for quite some time people wondered if it would ever happen, BMW finally discovered a way to mesh the bulky concept of the SUV and their clean, sweeping car designs, bringing forth a luxury SUV that’s hard to say no to. Now you can save thousands by opting for the lease deals that the Braman dealership West Palm Beach location is offering – and these deals are spectacular.

With several of the BMW X Series to choose from, start with the 2015 X1 with a $3,500 down payment and then only $299 per month for 36 months. Or you can opt for a $0 down payment and instead just pay $379 per month. The September savings are real – and they’re here for this month alone.

Jump up to the 2015 X3 for something bigger and stronger, but still with plenty of class. With the X3 you can pay only $3,000 down and $479 per month for 36 months, or you can pay $0 down and just $569 per month. The choice is yours.

Or go all out with the BMW X5 and save by paying $3,500 down and only $659 per month for 36 months, or put down nothing and have a monthly payment of $759 instead.

So, which BMW X Series is for you? Visit the BMW dealership West Palm Beach location and talk to the people there to find out about the one X Series that you should take home.

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