Check Out the New BMW SUV Offers in Palm Beach

August 08, 2015
New 2015 BMW X5 Lease Special at Braman BMW in West Palm Beach, Florida

The beauty of the BMW SUV is hard to ignore – if possible at all. It’s such an amazing blend of hard, tough SUV design and classic, smart power of a BMW. In so many varying colors, it’s like looking at a field of gems, each one raw and ready to be cut in the perfect shape you want for the rest of your life.

Or perhaps to enjoy for a few years before picking out yet another beautiful gem. The BMW X Series is one to admire for its tenacity and attention to detail. Once BMW set their sights on creating an SUV to meet the demands of their customers, they didn’t stop until they triumphed. The result is the BMW X Series and a lineup of cars that you’ll want to experience first-hand.

Start out with the 2015 BMW X1. Braman has BMW SUV offers ideal for what you seek, and the X1 can be a part of your life for just a fraction of its MSRP. Choose between $0 down or $2,750 down. If you opt for nothing, then you only pay $379 per month. Decide to put something forward from the start? Then you pay even less – $299 per month. No matter what, you can enjoy your X1 for 36 months before heading back to Braman for a new choice.

Or use the BMW SUV offer for the X5. Put down $0 and pay $759 per month, or opt for putting down $3,500 and only pay $659 per month for 36 months. The X5 is bigger, more ready for the world, and ready to take you down rough trails or to simply have a good time.

With so many choices, the BMW X Series is just getting started. Keep an eye on Braman BMW to discover what BMW SUV offers they might have next!

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