Comparing BMW vs Mercedes Vehicles

September 15, 2014

Looking For a New Vehicle? Comparing BMW vs Mercedes? BMW is The Winner!

Old car not doing it for you anymore? Perhaps it’s time is simply up your game. Or perhaps your lease is done and you’re seeking something for an excellent trade. Maybe you’re just tired of having a factory-made car sitting in your garage, constantly seeking repairs due to less than stellar manufacturing. Whatever the case may be, a luxury car with every single attention given to it is certainly the way to go. But which should you choose? When compared, who wins out when it’s BMW vs Mercedes?bmw-comparison-mercedes-lexus

If you check out Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida, you’ll quickly discover the differences between BMW and Mercedes. You’ll also quickly discover that, even when comparing the BMW 328i and Mercedes C250, the BMW beats it out with horsepower, 0-60 speed, warranty, down payment, and even lease offers. The warranty alone can easily be the deal breaker when you put BMW vs Mercedes; while BMW offers a $0 cost, 4 year/50K warranty, Mercedes doesn’t have much at all. Maintenance isn’t included, which means should something be slightly off, you may end up paying big in the end.

bmw vs mercedes vs lexus comparison

2014 BMW 328i vs 2014 Mercedes C250 vs 2014 Lexus IS 250

Speaking to the folks at Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida, you’ll soon realize that they have a lot to bring to the table. This is because they have over 30 years of experience. They know how to work with customers to give them exactly what they want in a fine luxury car brand, as well as how to treat them when it comes to a few extra bonuses – such as the $500 in Instant Online Savings. This currently applies to over 400 of Braman BMWs 2014 models, giving you an amazing range to pick from, all of which you get that $500 instant savings online.

So while Mercedes is nice, BMW simply wins the day – ultimately though, which BMW will you choose to enjoy?

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