Discover the New BMW 5 Series Sedan

October 23, 2017

Discover The New BMW 5 Series


New BMW 5 Series Sedan

Have you ever visited a museum and enjoyed a piece of art so much that you wished you could take it home? (The Mona Lisa would look wonderful in the study!) Well, that one may be out of reach, but you can indulge in an exquisite piece of art — whether you’re soaring along the roadway or pulling into your garage. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is truly a masterpiece from the brand famous for creating them.


BMW is renowned for their quality engineering and outstanding performance; but the new BMW 5 Series Sedan takes this to a whole new level, starting with an ultra-responsive chassis. Venture down a curvy road or twisting mountain pass, and you’ll find that you virtually glide around the corners. Lesser cars put your heart in your throat because you’re worried you’ll slide out of control. With BMW, your heart is in your throat because you have in complete control of this ultimate performance machine.


Thanks to BMW’s stellar tech, it’s easy to stay in the lines with the driver-assist features. The lane-keeping-assist system is especially helpful if you tend to get so immersed that you find yourself drifting a bit. This system gently nudges the driver back into the right lane. But the best thing about this BMW is that if you don’t like these driving “nanny” features? You can easily turn them off!

The ability to personalize your experience so significantly in this BMW is just one more feature that takes it over the top. Add to it the rear seat entertainment system, heated seats for your rear passengers (who will never want to leave the car again!), and the speed and strength you get from the new 5 Series and you’ll see why it’ll look even better in your garage than the Mona Lisa would above your mantle! Visit your trusted South Florida BMW dealership to learn more — and treat yourself to a test drive.

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