Fully Electric BMW 5 Series to Arrive in 2023

October 11, 2019
Electric BMW 5 Series | Next Generation BMW 5 Series | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

Consumer demand is one of the most important factors to consider when creating new products for your customers. In the auto industry, vehicle designers need to look at what the public wants and is buying versus to steer their lines in the right direction. In high demand now are electric vehicles (EV’s). In the world of BMW, it’s important that fans know the company is listening to them. Not only will we be getting an electric BMW 5 Series in a handful of years, the next generation BMW 5 Series is going to focus on offering features customers truly want, including a rear-wheel drive option and the popular xDrive system.

How serious is BMW about EVs in the future? They’re so focused and serious they chose to oust the CEO of BMW because he was very reluctant to embrace the transition to an electronic market. Harald Krüger did well when it came to ensuring production ran smoothly but his hesitancy to transition to EV’s is something that cost him his job. 

There had already been a plan in place to create vehicles that handled the combustion engine BMW is known for but that also could handle the EV drivetrains. The plan in place for the electric BMW 5 Series is still the same as it was, only now it’s on a much quicker timeline. Expect the new generation BMW 5 Series to have some serious power, so much so that experts are saying it will be able to directly compete with the Tesla Model S. A new EV BMW that’s going to be powerful and sleek enough to compete with Tesla? We’re definitely excited for that!

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