BMW Becomes the First Luxury Automotive Kentucky Derby Sponsor

June 08, 2022
BMW becomes first kentucky derby sponsor in luxury auto

The 2022 Kentucky Derby enjoyed its first-ever partnership with the luxury carmaker BMW North America, becoming the first luxury automotive Kentucky Derby sponsor. Known for its celebrated annual race in Louisville, the Kentucky Derby is the perfect place to market luxury cars as the vast majority of visitors to the Derby are wealthy Americans.

The Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchill Downs racetrack each year on the first Saturday in May and is attended by thousands of well-to-do people from all over the U.S., as well as from around the world. This partnership with BMW is going to significantly enhance the onsite experience of horse racing by showcasing the latest BMWs, including its first fully electric i7 limousine before they become available at dealerships.


The Kentucky Derby is a spectacular and luxurious event that shares many of the same values as the luxury carmaker, including top-notch hospitality, unforgettable experience, fun, and excitement. This is America’s finest horse racing event, and it gave the Kentucky Derby sponsor the opportunity to showcase its BMW x7 as well as the rest of its stunning new lineup in front of a global audience.

In addition, this partnership with the first luxury automotive sponsor also included the presence of BMW at the Taste of Derby culinary event. In addition, BMW had an interactive product display located at the main entrance of the Churchill Downs racetrack.


Celebrities and VIP guests who arrived at the Kentucky Derby entered the area lined with a BMW red carpet, which detailed some of the features of the latest BMW x7 sports activity vehicle. The entire area around the display was lined with thousands of lilies and roses. Guests experienced details about the luxury car during a walk around and also had an opportunity to obtain photos of the event.


To further enhance the brand, BMW, the Kentucky Derby sponsor, also presented the American Turf Stakes race with its logo on pony rider jackets, horse saddle towels, and signage placed at the winner’s circle. Prior to the race, an ad featuring the BMW i7 was shown on what has been described as the globe’s biggest 4K video screen.


This is an annual pre-Derby tradition where 1,200 invited guests have an interactive tasting session with some of the most celebrated chefs and entertainers from across the country while creating awareness and raising funds for hunger relief organizations.


During the opulent dining occasion, BMW will introduce its M850i Drive convertible and the BMW Macaron Bar. Guests will have an opportunity to join the BMW Macaron Bar to create their own macaron adventure by selecting filings, colors, and decorations for the ultimate dining experience.

For those who miss out, do not worry, the Kentucky Derby sponsor has promised to share photos of the Kentucky Derby experience on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

For those thinking of visiting the Kentucky Derby next year, the costs can vary from $500 (budget-minded single person) to $12,000 for the big spender. Apparently, there actually isn’t a dress code, but a hat is recommended.

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