G20-Gen BMW 3 Series vs. the Competition

March 01, 2019
G20-gen BMW 3 Series Comparison | Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, Florida

The G20-gen BMW 3 Series may be BMW’s most exciting launch. It’s received widespread praise and eager comparisons to its competition. A recent BMW 3 Series comparison was a toe-to-toe one performed by Auto Express. Can the Mercedes Benz C-Class or Jaguar XE really compare, or do they fall short?

An Easy Answer

The comparison threw the BMW 320d M Sport, Mercedes Benz C220d AMG Line, and the Jaguar 20d R Sport into a no holds barred competition. These models are good competitors for the automotive segment they inhabit.

It turns out the G20-gen BMW 3 Series is unparalleled. Neither the Benz nor the Jaguar really held their own. Benz’s C-Class was a hair quicker at launch, cutting the BMW’s 0-60 mph time by a tenth of a second. (The Jaguar was a full 1.5 seconds slower.) That’s an important measure, but both competitors fell off when measuring each car’s acceleration at speed. Here, the BMW easily outmaneuvered the Benz and the Jag.

Raising the Bar

The 3 Series impressed with smooth shifts and agility. This is no surprise. BMW has long focused on the driver experience as one of dynamic decision-making and control. That means having an immediate feel for how the car responds to every command. By comparison, Auto Express highlighted “hesitation and jerkiness” for the Benz and Jag.

The BMW also surpassed its competitors on its refinement. The exquisite interior is made more so by a “hushed” composure. They called the damping “plush and smooth,” which makes for a very comfortable ride. They also enjoyed the sheer amount of legroom and width to move your arms around, a striking improvement on the “cramped-feeling Jag.”

The Final Tally

In their final tally of the BMW 3 Series comparison, Auto Express decided the G20-gen BMW 3 Series ran away with the crown and it wasn’t close. The Benz came in a distant second due to concerns about its feel and agility. Once top of its class, the Jaguar XE came in last due to the aged tech both in the cabin and under the hood, as well as a cramped interior.

Sometimes, these comparisons in a certain segment are a bit closer. When there’s a gulf in quality as clear as this, however, the winner’s obvious.

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