Handling on the BMW i3

May 14, 2015

Inside the 2014 BMW i3

Something you may not have noticed initially on the new BMW i3 for sale is the tires. Most people go straight for the body design, color, interior, and, of course, engine design. Tires tend to be near the end of the examination. But once you see them, they may surprise you.

BMW i3 Tires and Handling

The BMW i3 tires are narrow to the point that people might wonder – just how is it that BMW can get away with such narrow wheels? Bridgestone is the creator behind the BMW i3 tires – the Bridgestone Ecopia EP500. They’ve been working with BMW since the first concepts of the i3, so they’ve been with the company the entire way creating ideas, tossing them out, creating new ones, discussing what BMW wanted for the i3, creating concepts, and so forth until the final result was revealed.

There’s a lot more to the tire than its size. Many would claim that it needs to be bigger just in terms of proper grip and performance, but that’s not so with the Ecopia EP500. From the tire’s ratios, it turns out that the size and design allows it to have a nice, grippy patch at any given moment on the road, all while providing less aerodynamic drag, as well as reducing efficiency losses from friction as it drives. It’s also resistant to hydroplaning.

The fact that the two were built together means should you purchase a BMW i3 and ever need tire replacements, you’ll have to get the Bridgestones. But this also ensures that you’re never wondering if you’ve bought the right tires or if you wasted your money on something that isn’t as good as you thought.

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