How Much Does BMW Charge For An Oil Change?

September 16, 2021
Refueling and pouring oil quality into the engine motor car

An oil change is vital for all cars and that includes the BMW.  Regular oil change, along with regular maintenance, not only improves fuel efficiency, but it also maintains the integrity of the engine. If you own a BMW and ignore an oil change, it can lead to total engine failure due to overheating. Replacing an engine could cost you thousands of dollars. The cost of BMW oil change is entirely worth it.

The first thing you should do when you buy a BMW is open the owner’s manual and find out when an oil change is necessary and the type of oil recommended.  The oil has one very important function; it lubricates the moving components of the engine by preventing friction. In addition, when the engine has the required quality of motor oil, it will not require excess energy to move the mobile components as they will glide with ease in the presence of oil. The end result is better fuel efficiency of your BMW.

How Often Should Oil Be Changed?

With time, the engine will accumulate debris and other small particles that can damage the engine. Thankfully, however, the motor oil will collect the debris and other particles as it flows. This dirty engine oil needs to be regularly changed to maintain the fuel efficiency and life span of your BMW.

In general, the frequency of an oil change depends on the BMW model, driving style, driving environment, and type of oil. To know when you should change the engine oil, you need to check your owner’s manual, or you can check online on the BMW website. It is recommended for the majority of BMWs get the oil changed after 7,500 miles.

What Influences the Cost of an Oil Change?

How much does BMW charge for an oil change?  The cost of BMW oil change will vary from $100-$150, depending on the model of BMW you own and where you take your car. These costs include the labor, replacement of the air filter, and change of oil. You can change your own oil to save costs, but you will need special tools and equipment to collect the discarded oil. 

Why Should You Get an Oil Change at a BMW Dealership?

BMW’s have their own engine oil that is specific to each model and that is the oil that should be used when oil is changed in your BMW.  Specialized technicians that are certified in all the requirements and techniques of oil changes and routine maintenance for each BMW model are the best professionals to have working on your car.  It is also possible that an oil change may be covered under your BMW warranty – you should look into that.

How much does BMW charge for an oil change?  The BMW is a luxury vehicle, and you want it serviced by professionals who know what they are doing. You could take your luxury vehicle to the corner garage to save money but why would you? You have no idea if the technician there has been trained to perform oil changes in a BMW. For reliability, it is best to go to the BMW dealer for an oil change. This way you can be assured that the car will be handled with care and the oil change will be done according to BMW guidelines.

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