More M Cars on the Way for BMW

March 27, 2018
BMW M Series For Sale

The BMW M Series has seen incredible success. BMW M Series cars are the best handling and most varied series of performance sports cars. It’s a treat getting to choose which M model fits you and your driving style best. It’s also a treat to enjoy an exceptionally aggressive take on your favorite model.

BMW M Series Improvements

Those treats are about to become a banquet, with plans under way for 26 new M and M Performance models on the way in the next two years.

There are technological advances that mean the BMW M Series will handle even better, such as a wider array of carbon fiber parts that bring the weight down. The next M3 will debut in 2019 and looks to take full advantage of this weight reduction. Couple that with a 10 percent increase to 465 horsepower, and you’ll have an M3 that will handle the road even more assertively that it already does. One thing that will be kept is the traditional BMW rear-wheel drive.

The M5, on the other hand, will offer all-wheel drive with many of the same advancements.

The Full List

In addition to the M3 and M5 Series, there will also be M models for the X3 and X4. The upcoming Z4 and 8 Series will also see M variations. M Performance will cover the X2, X7, and 3 Series.

Those are confirmed. What’s still on the drawing board are M Performance versions for the 4 Series GT, Coupe, and Cabriolet. A version for the 1 Series is further out. Simply with what’s been confirmed, we know there will be 26 M and M Performance models, but that number could still expand even further.

To get an idea of what the BMW M Series brings to the table, take it for a test drive at your West Palm Beach BMW dealership. We wouldn’t be seeing this level of production if the BMW M Series cars weren’t successful at what they do. There’s a reason the series is so popular. When you find a new¬†BMW M Series for sale in Palm Beach County, jump on the opportunity!

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