New BMW 6 Series to Become Porsche 911 Rival

July 19, 2016

BMW 6 Series | Braman BMW

BMW vs. Porsche. Fans of fast, precise, powerful performance, get ready: the new BMW 6 Series packs upgrades and redesigns that pit it against the legendary Porsche 911. Each of the iconic automakers has earned diehard fans, thanks to their different approaches to sports-oriented vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new – and tremendously exhilarating – ride, see what the 6 Series has to offer.

The BMW 6 Series, of course, features luxury grand tourers. The newest addition to the line will be smaller and more agile. A true sports car that aims to go head-to-head with the 911. What do we know so far?

BMW joined forces with wildly popular Toyota to collaboratively create a sports car. They have been working on a shared car platform. Toyota puts a larger version of the platform under their Supra coupe, while BMW uses it for the Z4. The Z4 hasn’t been a big seller year-over-year so BMW is looking to expand the platform’s usefulness. It looks like the new 6 Series may fit the bill.

Experts predict the new BMW 6 Series will be larger than the Z4, and more comparably sized to the Porsche 911. This boosts the power capacity of the vehicle and will turn it into a real sports-enthusiast’s dream. We can expect the same elements of the “Ultimate Driving Machine” that we’ve come to know and love in other models – such as responsive handling, crisp brakes, an industry-leading infotainment system, inclusive safety features, and much more.

While you’re waiting for this new iteration from the always innovative motor company, check out other new BMW cars for sale. You’ll find the perfect ride for your needs, whether it’s speed and performance or safety and practicality. Or all of the above.

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