Is the New BMW X4 M Competition a Coupe SUV?

April 19, 2019
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The new BMW X4 M Competition is a resounding evolution that builds on the groundbreaking foundation of the established X4. The word “crossover” covers more and more territory every year, so how should we think of this newest BMW X4? Is it fair to call the M Competition a coupe SUV or should we look for another term?

Looks to Stun

The body style of the new BMW X4 M Competition is definitely coupe-inspired. The roof is raked at a sharp angle, evoking that you vs. the highway feel of a coupe at speed. The look itself is striking and is closer to a coupe than anything else, yet the interior space is that of an SUV.

Power Upgraded

The new S58 engine is an M-tuned, efficient, upgraded version of the already-phenomenal B58. Upgrades to the crankshaft, cylinder head, iron coating, and a closed-deck all result in an extremely durable engine that can open up more aggressively. It breathes even better thanks to a new air intake and two turbochargers.

The result in the Competition model is 510 horsepower delivering 442 lb-ft of torque. The non-competition model gets you from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds – the Competition model should get that into the threes. That’s coupe territory once again, without sacrificing the room and pragmatism of an SUV.

Astonishing Control

The underlying build adds extra bracing at the axles, a new carbon fiber strut bar, and a host of tweaks all aimed to deliver silky smooth, precise road feel. The pioneering xDrive all-wheel drive system that protects against uneven roads, as well as wet and windy weather, get an M-tuning as well. This ensures even the worst road conditions won’t sap control from the driver. A choice of modes ensures that you control the driving feel you’re most comfortable with.

Focused Safety

Together with M-spec brakes and top-of-the-line driver assist tech, this is one of the safest vehicles to let loose in. That rare combination once again fuses coupe handling to SUV capability, bringing the best safety features from each to inform the new BMW X4 M Competition.

Luxury to Spare

None of this is to miss out on the sheer luxury and exquisite M-branded aesthetics of the interior. There’s a lot to say about the exterior, power, control, and safety of the X4 M Competition. All of them leave you with one conclusion: it’s absolutely a coupe SUV. Step inside, though, and you might just take to calling the newest BMW X4 a spaceship.

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