What to Expect from the All New BMW X7 SUV

April 03, 2018
New BMW X7

You’re in the market for an SUV. In fact, you’re looking specifically for a new BMW SUV for sale. There are plenty of sporty crossovers that are fun to drive and load up for a week’s vacation. But maybe you want something more traditional in an SUV – without giving up the ultimate in handling, style or technology. BMW heard you, and that’s why BMW is introducing the new BMW X7.

Power and Handling

The X7 is a larger, three-row SUV. It’s still a crossover because, well, if you can make it sportier why wouldn’t you? But the new BMW X7 offers more room for passengers to stretch out. It won’t be based on the X5 – it’s a new model designed from the ground up.

Engine details haven’t been revealed, but there should be six- and eight-cylinder turbocharged options. There’s a major push on right now to come out with assertive M versions of many new models that can handle the road more aggressively, so we’d put money on an M Sport version.

Taking Chances

BMW crossovers have thus far leaned a little further toward the car side than the SUV side. Having a full-fledged SUV approach is now possible without losing the sportiness. That frees the engineers up to get wilder with their ideas.

You should expect an iPerformance plug-in hybrid model for the environmentally-minded. The concept version featured a transparent roof that looks beautiful. The dash concept is one of BMW’s best – boasting a wide variety of tools while keeping the interface simple and elegant.

The Look

Expect the new BMW X7 to compete directly with the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS-class. What’s impressive from the outside is that the largest crossover in BMW history still looks like a Bimmer, with beautiful lines, large grilles and streamlined lights. It’s tall and wide, meaning there’ll be plenty of room even in the back row. It’ll make a great ride for local driving and for road trips. Whether you wait for the new BMW X7 or you look at a current crossover BMW SUV for sale, you’ll be happy to see larger, even more capable builds.

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