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  • 2023 BMW 740i series
    Bolstering the already illustrious ranks of the 7-series, the new BMW 740i puts race-worthy tech into an exceptionally classy body. As the preferred BMW dealer in West Palm Beach, we’re here with a rundown of the BMW 740i specs, and we’re sure it will pique the interest of even the most discerning BMW fans. Sink
  • BMW i7 Award 2023
    With at least four BMW i7 awards (after as many months on the market), the 7-series’ crowning achievement brings a new meaning to inner beauty. Having single-handedly dominated the luxury, electric, and high-performance auto markets at once, it’s inspired numerous glowing BMW i7 reviews and welcome fanfare even well outside BMW’s loyal fanbase. So what’s
  • trying to break the bmw m3 competition 0-60 time
    The BMW M3 Competition 0-60 time is breathtaking, and highlights the models’ raw power. The M3 Competition 0-60 is approximately 2.8 seconds according to BMW Group. If you are not used to such high speeds, you definitely need to make adjustments. Is the BMW M3 Competition a supercar? Read on to find out. Does The
  • graphic showcasing BMW recycled battery materials
    There are many questions regarding BMW recycled battery materials and how the company has made steps to reduce its battery costs by adopting the new program. The BMW recycling program is a step in the right direction for the company as it seeks to overcome the ethical and regulatory challenges involved in sourcing battery materials.
  • bmw ix5
    BMW always amazes enthusiasts with its innovative car concepts and models. Like many other automakers, BMW has various solutions to achieve carbon-neutral operations. This can be seen in the launch of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. After four years of development, the German automaker unveiled the first hydrogen-powered concept. So, what is the BMW iX5 Hydrogen?
  • bmw z4 manual
    New BMWs are undoubtedly powerful machines, including the Z4. However, these convertibles are auto-only models, something that could change in the next release. After the Toyota Supra came with a manual gearbox, there were rumors that BMW was working on providing the Z4 with one as well. Initially, BMW enthusiasts thought the six-speed manual M40i
  • new BMW X5 facelift headlights
    The BMW X5 Improvements The newest BMW X5 facelift is here, and it’s looking better than ever. When the BMW designers began to imagine the newest iteration of their flagship Sports Activity Vehicle, they wanted to bring you an upgraded driving experience with luxurious styling to match. It boasts better efficiency than ever before, with
  • bmw ix on the road
    Many prospective BMW buyers, and those interested in EVs, may be unaware of what the BMW iX range is, and how long it takes to charge. So, if you’re curious, you’re in the right place. This article will cover more about the BMW iX’s range and performance. BMW iX Range and Charging The iX xDrive
  • bmw idrive 9
    Are you in the market for a luxury vehicle that can keep up with your fast-paced life? If so, you’ll want to look closely at the newly upgraded BMW X1. This car features an all-new BMW iDrive 9 system, providing superior performance, safety, and convenience. From more power under the hood to smarter technology inside
  • bmw that changes color
    Why You Need to Check Out The BMW That Changes ColorĀ  A white car on hot days and a black car on cold days? Yes, that’s what the i Vision Dee concept car, a BMW that changes color, is bringing to the automobile industry. The car can cycle between 32 different colors, depending on the