Unveiling the BMW X2: A Compact SUV for 2024

November 21, 2023
BMW X2 driving on the highway.

As we approach 2024, BMW is gearing up to unveil the second-generation X2, an exciting addition to its compact SUV lineup. Early sneak peeks and teasers have been released, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this highly anticipated model


This blog post will provide insights into the BMW X2. Its impressive features are something to look forward to in 2024.

The Perfect Blend of Compactness and Sportiness

The new generation BMW X2 comes with a coupe-inspired design, which aligns it with its larger X4 and X6 siblings. The sloping roofline and ducktail-like spoiler give it a sporty yet sleek look. The black grille and flashy wheels add to its edginess. Under its compact exterior, the BMW X2 will likely share the UKL2 platform with the new X1. However, there are speculations that it might increase in size, similar to the growth of the new X1.


On the performance front, the X2 promises a more agile and dynamic driving experience. It will cater to drivers who seek agility and style. With a similar output and transmission as the X1, it is estimated that the new X2 will reach 0-60 mph in around 6.2 seconds.


For those craving more power, there are rumors of an M35i version being introduced. If true, this sportier alternative would pack a punch with its 302-horsepower engine. That would make this engine capable of reaching 0-60 mph in under five seconds. This puts the X2 M35i on par with the current M235i Gran Coupe.

Innovations for the 2024 BMW X2

Apart from its impressive design and performance, the 2024 BMW X2 will come with various innovative features. It will likely inherit the new X1’s Curved Display, introducing a 10.25-inch instrument cluster and a 10.7-inch center information display. The infotainment system will run on BMW’s latest iDrive 8.5 software! This comes with improved graphics and added features such as Augmented View for navigation and Intelligent Personal Assistant for voice commands.


The X2 coming standard with dual-zone climate control, active blind-spot detection, a power tailgate, forward collision warning, and park distance control. Optional extras might include surround-view cameras and a head-up display, providing a higher level of personalization for drivers.


Its more defined sloping roof and coupe-inspired design aim to infuse sportiness and style, making the X2 stand out in BMW’s lineup. The new model will also offer more interior space and comfort, focusing on luxury materials and high-quality finishes.

A Glimpse into the Future

With its redefined design and impressive features, the 2024 BMW X2 will make a statement in its segment. As BMW continues to push the boundaries of technology and design, we can expect the X2 to evolve even further in 2024. Potential updates might include improved driving assistance features, enhanced performance options, all-electric or hybrid versions, and more dynamic design elements.


The upcoming 2024 BMW X2 is going to be a thrilling addition to BMW’s lineup. Its compact yet sporty nature, key features, and performance capabilities make it a top contender in the compact SUV market. Visit your nearest BMW dealership or contact us to learn more about the 2024 BMW X2 and stay updated with its release.

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