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April 29, 2016

BMW Specials | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

BMW cars are already amazing. With their powerful engines, stunning colors, handcrafted interiors, and amazing technology. But the best part? You aren’t restricted to just what you see. When you visit a BMW dealer, you’ll find any number of BMW cars, and you’ll also discover there are great ways you can make your BMW even better. Whether you choose to go with one of the many BMW specials or are just curious about new BMW leases, it’s well worth your time to ask about car tech accessories.

So what might some of these tech delights be? BMW has already brought forth the idea of their Air Touch system, giving you the ability to feel a bit like a Jedi as you make hand gestures that the car will be able to interpret. Want to change that radio station? Just flick on to the next one. The gestures are similar to those that would be done on a touchscreen, but the concept just skips the need for physical contact. The information is provided to the user through three screens: a heads-up display, 3D instrument cluster, and a 21-inch panoramic display. So you’re pretty much covered in every way possible. What’s more, both driver and passenger can use the Air Touch system.

You can also ask your BMW dealer about the possibilities for the i8. The ability to compensate for reduced visibility by using three cameras that actually replace the rearview mirror. They cover wider areas to help eliminate blind spots for the driver and are put together in one display, also eliminating the need to check three places for other drivers. Looking at BMW specials for the i3? The Extended Rearview Mirror for the i3 has a roof-mounted camera that provides a much larger field of vision.

Accessories are getting better on new BMW leases, and what’s more impressive than that? Knowing that someday these accessories will become the new standard.

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