Possible BMW M100 Anniversary Edition Next Year

May 20, 2015

Could there be a BMW M100 Anniversary Edition

One look at the BMW M100 Anniversary Edition and you’ll be staring for days. Of course, that’s provided the rumors surrounding it are true. German magazine Autobild is reporting about the M100 and speculating that it will be based on the BMW i8 and will arrive next year.

Could We See a BMW M100 Anniversary Edition?

We can only hope that for once, rumors are right. The M100 might also be the name of the BMW i8S that has been mentioned here and there within the past few months, but again, no one knows for sure. There’s also plenty of speculation about the overall design of the car, as well as what might be under the hood, such as over 500 hp delivery and a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine together with two electric motors.

Still, we’ll have to wait for BMW to either tell us once and for all that the BMW M100 is real – or even that the BMW i8S will be real – or wait patiently for them to reveal something grand at an auto show as they’ve been known to do from time to time. Until then, you may want to drive one of the many excellent BMWs currently for sale. After all, even if the M100 were to exist and be revealed, it wouldn’t be until next year – and then who is to say when you’d be able to get your hands on it?

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