Reviewing the 2018 BMW X5

October 23, 2017

2018 BMW X5

Review of the 2018 BMW X5

Luxury: redefined. Iconic brands like BMW defined an entire class of vehicle — boosting performance, enhancing engineering, innovating with technology, and offering amenities that could not be matched. From chauffeur-driven excellence to racetrack-worthy contenders, luxury took on new, and exhilarating, meanings. The company behind the “Ultimate Driving Machine” has done it yet again: today’s luxury is practicality married with opulence. It is the perfect balance of rugged and refined. And no vehicle brings this ideal to life more effectively than the 2018 BMW X5.


This gorgeous BMW SUV for sale is the perfect solution for anyone living in more rural areas — or those who like to visit the “wild” side now and then. Whether you indulge in weekend trips to the Glades or annual trips up to the snowy, icy north, the X5 handle anything you throw at it. Even that daily commute!


Let’s start by talking about the all-wheel drive system. This intelligent system helps traverse any type of terrain, no matter how rough the road may be. It does this by constantly redistributing the power between the front and rear axle so that you can easily control your car no matter how much the surface changes.


Not only is the 2018 BMW X5 perfect when you’re looking for control, it looks as magnificent as it handles. The interior features a heads up display and has an optional charging pocket in the middle console. The real wood or brushed metal accents add a sophisticated touch — BMW also redefined “family car.” Cargo space can expand to a roomy 76.7 cubic feet, and  the third row seating makes the SUV perfect for larger families as well.

The X5 is perfect for any occasion, from transporting materials for a work presentation, bringing the kids to practice, loading up your friends for an adventure, or toting gear for a camping trip. Visit Braman and learn more about this exceptional BMW for sale.

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