Swarm Intelligence: BMW of the Future

December 15, 2014

Swarm Intelligence in BMW

If you could create the perfect car for the future, what might it look like? Sure, you will have your preferences about luxurious interiors, power and speed, and a range of other important and enjoyable qualities. But you probably will also strive to make it safe, reliable, and intelligent in a way that most vehicles currently are not. Fortunately, at BMW, the future is fast approaching and the future will make use of “swarm intelligence.” If you have not yet heard of swarm intelligence, there is some amazing work being done in this arena that is worth considering. Here are a few highlights.

The Goal

The goal of swarm intelligence is quite ambitious. In order to create a comprehensive safety experience, swarm intelligence aims to pull and coordinate a variety of safety related data, such as warning vehicles of impending danger, traffic jams, construction work, and even car-to-infrastructure information, such as traffic lights or route information from traffic control centers. In some cases, a version of this technology already exists. Smart night vision, for instance, which can detect animal and human movement and improve reaction time by as much as ten seconds, is already in place for some vehicles.


Environment of Safety

So what is different? The scale of the vision. Current technology is fairly limited when it comes to reading danger, usually limited to the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. What swarm intelligence hopes to accomplish is create a central environmental image capturing a far larger perimeter and synthesizing a wide variety of data relevant to the driving experience. Wouldn’t it be great to know about everything from black ice dangers to construction detours well in advance?

With innovations in technology ever on the increase, one of the most important developments will encourage safe driving in an intelligent and real-time responsive way. Trust BMW to take advantage of the latest science and engineering research in the field of safety and implement those findings to make your ride not only enjoyable, but safer as well. Ask your BMW dealer about the latest technology advances for the new BMW series today.

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