The 2016 BMW 330e: Putting an End to Boring Hybrids

July 26, 2016

BMW 330e | Braman BMW

Eco-conscious – and exhilarating? Since electric and hybrid vehicles have driven onto the scene, they’ve inspired a respect for environmentally-friendly technology. But passion? Excitement? Not so much. Until the 216 BMW 330e powered its way to the top of the class. This is the “Ultimate Driving Machine” you expect from the iconic brand – in a sleek, gas-sipping package.

Let’s take a peek at the vital stats before you hit a BMW dealer in Florida to test drive this beauty yourself.  The 330e features a 2.0L I-4 engine that churns out 180 horsepower and 215 ft.-lb. of torque. The electric motor adds 87 hph and 74 lb.-ft. of torque. The total output is not far off that of the 340i – andy you get the emissions- and fuel savings you want.

Speaking of which, electric range is about 25 miles. As a gas/electric hybrid, you can skip the next gas station. And the next… The range is figured to be about 124 miles per gallon. Road trip,  anyone?

If you’re up for that trip, the 330e is definitely the car in which to take it. While a hybrid, it handles like a 3 Series should. Crisp. Precise. Balanced. When you’re taking a tight turn, you won’t be thinking, “Gee, I’m driving a responsible car!” Though you are, you’re more likely to be thinking, “Wow!”

This classic automaker has done the unthinkable: it’s put “wow” into the hybrid class. Sporty, spunky, and sleek, the BMW 330e is not only a car you can feel good about driving – it’s a vehicle you’ll be excited to get behind the wheel of, every time.

Visit a BMW dealer in Florida to test drive the 330e and experience the performance and power for yourself. You’ll love the efficiency, and the exhilaration.

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