The BMW i3: Past, Present, Future

March 19, 2015

New BMW i3 with doors openBMW’s i3 is electric, which means when you need some extra juice you’ve got to plug in somewhere to get it. One of the issues currently faced by those with electric cars, as well as makers of electric cars like the BMW i3, is that plug-in locations aren’t exactly numerous in the nation. There’s software included in the i3 that some haven’t realized, and there are other interesting aspects that, if you ever drive an i3 for any reason, you may want to take a closer look at.

The New BMW i3

The i3 started off as a simple concept in the BMW labs. Eventually it became a reality, and now you’ll see more and more i3 vehicles on theroad. One of the things that the new BMW i3 does is contain software that will log your locations into its memory. So if you’ve visited a location, this may be saved for future use. This is rather handy as it can save you time when it comes to locating a nearby charging station. Previous locations can make cruising around the city a breeze, as you can get your timing just right on a date – getting to where you need to be and having enough time to stop at a charging station later on – and much more. It also saves you time as you don’t have to keep seeking out places from scratch. Just remember that if you borrow an i3 for whatever reason, those locations can get stored as well, but don’t worry, deleting entries is easy.

So what’s in store for the BMW i3 in the future? Only the best. BMW is constantly looking for ways to not only improve their current designs, but also to bring customers technology and design that excel in ways the previous version didn’t. When you come across a BMW i3 for sale, you should really take it for a test drive and find out how it feels in your hands. Ask plenty of questions and find out just how it could be the next car you take home.

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