The BMW M3 Competition 0-60 Time Will Blow You Away

May 22, 2023
trying to break the bmw m3 competition 0-60 time

The BMW M3 Competition 0-60 time is breathtaking, and highlights the models’ raw power. The M3 Competition 0-60 is approximately 2.8 seconds according to BMW Group. If you are not used to such high speeds, you definitely need to make adjustments. Is the BMW M3 Competition a supercar? Read on to find out.

Does The BMW M3 Competition 0-60 Time Make It a Supercar?

The fact that the BMW M3 Competition hits 2.8 seconds in a 0-60 test makes you wonder if the car is a sports car or a super car. The M3 is not supposed to be a supercar and is in fact a sports car with a more affordable price tag than that of a supercar. The M3 is also a daily driver, four-door car with ample room for strollers and car seats.

Engine Overview

The BMW M3 Competition 0-60 makes you wonder what powers this underrated sleeper. The M3 is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine that produces a whooping 503 horsepower and 649 Newton-Meters of torque. The power figures make it a worthy competitor to many supercars and it’s capable of matching the 0-60 mph of the Ferrari.

Value For Money

The 2023 BMW M3 Competition price starts at $83,595 and based on its performance, it’s definitely value for money. The M3 is a perfect daily car if you spend a lot of time in the comfort driving mode, and then you can really turn it up when you want. This sleeper is capable of achieving approximately 27mpg making it a perfect car for a daily driver.

The BMW M3 comes with a curved display which is standard in all 3-series in 2023, and also comes with a 14.9-inch touch screen display that lets you control the infotainment system at ease.

We Can Help You Get Your New BMW M3 Competition

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