The Cool New BMW i3 with Range Extender in South Florida

August 28, 2015
New 2014 BMW i3 for sale at the Braman BMW dealership in Palm Beach, FL

These are the days to be green. Eco-friendly. To finally move on from a gas guzzling engine to something more in tune with what our goals and values are. BMW saw a need to being something more earth-friendly to the market, all while keeping with their tradition of high quality and sophistication. Enter the BMW i3 with range extender.

Looking as slick as any car in a futuristic movie setting, the BMW i3 with range extender gives you the ability to go farther on the road than ever before. Starting at just over $47,000, you can have something that will cost you less in the long run and be better for the environment overall. Smart and spacious, it’s very clearly a BMW while maintaining its status as a forerunner in the world of electric cars. Now BMW car dealers are excited about the range extender option, which means you can get 150 miles per charge.

But not only can you go farther and be green like never before, you can also benefit from the tax credit of buying an eco-friendly car. Ask Braman BMW car dealers about the up to $7,500 credit available when tax time rolls around. Feel free to discuss leasing and finance options as well. Braman’s representatives are knowledgeable about everything BMW has to offer, and will be able to help you feel comfortable in every aspect of owning a brand new BMW i3 with range extender.

Agile and spacious, take a test drive and discover how the i3 feels. Talk about charging stations and marvel at how much money you’ll save by not having to fill up each and every time on gasoline just to get from point A to point B. Now is the best time to discover everything there is about the i3 and all it has to offer. All you have to do is ask.

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