BMW i Model Tops BMW’s Low Emission List

August 03, 2016

BMW i | Braman BMW WPB

For today’s savvy drivers, fuel economy is only the beginning. Eco-conscious drivers want to ensure that they reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. BMW strives to create vehicles that lead the way in terms of efficiency, and several models have carbon emissions below 100 grams per kilometer. Here are our top five.  Braman’s BMW lease specials make them as budget-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly.

BMW 216d Active Tourer

The Active Tourer combines a smooth ride with dynamic ability. This bold, multi-use BMW fits active lifestyles in a wide range of environments. It puts a priority on interior space, combining some of BMW’s best use of interior room with a classic, responsive driving feel.

BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics Plus

There are a few models in the BMW 1-series that boast great fuel efficiency, but it’s the Efficient Dynamics Plus spec for the 116d that feels particularly good. With a new line of modular engines being utilized, you get great torque combined with a hushed ride and complete control when revving. For a hatchback, it’s drag coefficient is impressive (only 0.29), meaning it denies any lift in the front and thus hugs the ground beautifully. The goal is to deliver a hatchback that still maintains a sporty, low-to-the-ground responsiveness to the driver. Mission accomplished.

BMW 118d

The second generation of the 1-series continues here. The goal with the 188d was to keep its front engine/rear-wheel-drive set-up very near a 50:50 weight balance. Combined with a low center of gravity, this car delivers a gutsy, exhilarating experience.

BMW 220d

The 220d is a coupe that focuses on firm, agile driving feel and a communicative response all the way through. It feels and looks bright and engaging and stands out on any street or in any environment. It’s a statement car that gives you fine balance and a brisk ride.

BMW i8

The BMW i-series is revolutionary. It’s innovation packed into a sleek sports car. It bites the road like you wouldn’t believe and is one of our greatest achievements in directing airflow around its chassis for greater efficiency. You’ll forget it’s a hybrid. The exterior is striking and its range of options includes headlights that anticipate turns, night vision, a heads-up-display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road, and of course 360-degree cameras to help you in tight spots such as parallel parking.
Check out our BMW lease specials, especially on the BMW i series, for these and other fuel-efficient cars. Saving money at the pump, and reducing carbon emissions, is a journey worth taking.

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