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BMW 330i Compared to Jaguar XE 25t

BMW 330i Comparison

BMW 330i Comparison With Jaguar XE 25t

You’re looking at the great new 330i, but you want to compare it to some of its competitors first. That’s a good idea; so how does the 2018 BMW 330i compare to Jaguar’s smallest sedan, the XE 25t?

The 330i proves to be one of the more comfort-focused in the 3-series. This gives the sporty Jaguar a good, fighting chance to take down its competitor. But can it?



The 2018 BMW 330i boasts a 2.0 liter turbo-four. It’ll give you 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Does the Jaguar compare? It features a 2.0 liter that reaches 240 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque. Even if it falls a little short, it’s still close enough that the difference hardly matters.

This translates very differently into the actual performance, though. The BMW reaches 60 mph from a standstill in only 5.4 seconds. The Jaguar takes a much longer 6.6 seconds.



The Jaguar gains some ground with tight steering and some good dynamics. Its acceleration might not be sporty, but its handling behaves like it. It has good lateral control through Jaguar’s Integral Link suspension. This means it will handle a curve beautifully. If only it could accelerate out of one.

BMWs have long been built with grip in mind. The 330i’s handling is more polished and feels built around the driver. Control is better developed, and of course, its acceleration packs a punch the Jaguar can’t match.



Jaguar’s XE 25t is a decent car if you want the driving experience built around the car itself. The driver becomes a bit of an afterthought, which can make someone feel like they’re in the seat of a less storied brand. If that’s the case, why spend the kind of money you would on a Jag?

The 330i has notably better acceleration. The driving experience is designed with the driver in mind It lets you know you’re driving a brand with a feel and an identity. It feels less generic.

The winner: Bimmer by a mile. The new BMW 330i for sale is available at Braman BMW in West Palm Beach. Compare the 330i to some of the other 3-series to get a feel for how comfort and performance are balanced.

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How is the 2018 BMW X2 Different From the X1?

How is the 2018 BMW X2 Different From the X1

Comparing The 2018 BMW X2 to the 2018 X1

If you love the X1 and the X3 but want something a little sportier — a little edgier, a little sexier — BMW has the answer. Introducing the 2018 BMW X2, the car Car and Driver says is is what the “blonde Rihanna is to the natural Rihanna.” For the pop reference-challenged, that means it’s got a bit more… well, pop.

The X2 is designed to be the perfect mix between the X1 and the X3 – a pocket crossover ideal for a wide array of different family sizes, or singles, melding the best features of its marque siblings.

How is the 2018 BMW X2 different from the X1 or the X3? First, the X2 is quite a bit closer to the ground. The X1 sits fairly high, which is great if you’re going to be taking it on a lot of back roads or crossing a couple of streams on the way to grandma’s house. But the X2 rides lower, giving you a much more sporty feel to your driving experience. The lower roofline also gives the vehicle a super sleek appearance.

Head to a BMW X2 dealership and the differences between the X1, X2 and X3 will be much more readily apparent. Aside from the size, once you open the hood you’ll find that the X2 is going to have the same transverse-engine as the X1, which means that it’s going to be very similar (if not identical to) the 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder. This will give you about 228 HP and a huge 258 lb-ft of torque.

Visitors to the BMX X2 dealership will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that the price of the 2018 BMW X2 is going to be much closer to the X1. Accessible and sexy: a winning combination!

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2018 BMW X3 Review

2018 BMW X3 Review

Reviewing The 2018 BMW X3

To many, the 3 Series is the inimitable face of the iconic BMW brand. Now the company is becoming known for the X3 as well! Sales on the X3 were up 3.6 percent in 2017; Bimmer fans not only like what the X3 has to offer, they want more of it. And, of course, BMW is listening. So get ready to welcome the BMW 2018 X3.

What makes this X3 different? First, there’s more than one model from which to choose: The X3 xDrive 30i and the X3 M40i. The X3 xDrive 30i has a powerful 248 hp turbocharged I-4 under the hood. What we’re most excited to see is the M40i. This sweetheart of a vehicle has a 355 hp 3.0 Liter turbocharged I-6 to power it, and trust us when we say that you definitely feel this BMW move when you touch the pedal!

When you visit a 2018 BMW X3 dealership, you’ll notice that the latest X3 is slightly bigger than last year’s iteration. Thanks to the 2.2 inches added to the wheelbase, there is more legroom in the rear seats. This way not only can kids ride comfortably in the back, adults can as well. This will come in handy whether you’re loading up the family for vacation, the team for soccer practice, or your friends for an adventure.

With a plush new interior and a dash that looks like it’s been taken straight out of the 5 or 7 series BMW’s, this year’s X3 series is sure to live up to (and surpass? Hmmm…) the quality and value of the legendary 3 Series.

Visit Braman BMW, West Palm Beach’s top X3 dealership, for more information and the test drive of your life. Browse quality pre-owned vehicles in west palm beach.

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Reviewing the 2018 BMW X5

2018 BMW X5

Review of the 2018 BMW X5

Luxury: redefined. Iconic brands like BMW defined an entire class of vehicle — boosting performance, enhancing engineering, innovating with technology, and offering amenities that could not be matched. From chauffeur-driven excellence to racetrack-worthy contenders, luxury took on new, and exhilarating, meanings. The company behind the “Ultimate Driving Machine” has done it yet again: today’s luxury is practicality married with opulence. It is the perfect balance of rugged and refined. And no vehicle brings this ideal to life more effectively than the 2018 BMW X5.


This gorgeous BMW SUV for sale is the perfect solution for anyone living in more rural areas — or those who like to visit the “wild” side now and then. Whether you indulge in weekend trips to the Glades or annual trips up to the snowy, icy north, the X5 handle anything you throw at it. Even that daily commute!


Let’s start by talking about the all-wheel drive system. This intelligent system helps traverse any type of terrain, no matter how rough the road may be. It does this by constantly redistributing the power between the front and rear axle so that you can easily control your car no matter how much the surface changes.


Not only is the 2018 BMW X5 perfect when you’re looking for control, it looks as magnificent as it handles. The interior features a heads up display and has an optional charging pocket in the middle console. The real wood or brushed metal accents add a sophisticated touch — BMW also redefined “family car.” Cargo space can expand to a roomy 76.7 cubic feet, and  the third row seating makes the SUV perfect for larger families as well.

The X5 is perfect for any occasion, from transporting materials for a work presentation, bringing the kids to practice, loading up your friends for an adventure, or toting gear for a camping trip. Visit Braman and learn more about this exceptional BMW for sale.

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Discover the New BMW 5 Series Sedan

Discover The New BMW 5 Series


New BMW 5 Series Sedan

Have you ever visited a museum and enjoyed a piece of art so much that you wished you could take it home? (The Mona Lisa would look wonderful in the study!) Well, that one may be out of reach, but you can indulge in an exquisite piece of art — whether you’re soaring along the roadway or pulling into your garage. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is truly a masterpiece from the brand famous for creating them.


BMW is renowned for their quality engineering and outstanding performance; but the new BMW 5 Series Sedan takes this to a whole new level, starting with an ultra-responsive chassis. Venture down a curvy road or twisting mountain pass, and you’ll find that you virtually glide around the corners. Lesser cars put your heart in your throat because you’re worried you’ll slide out of control. With BMW, your heart is in your throat because you have in complete control of this ultimate performance machine.


Thanks to BMW’s stellar tech, it’s easy to stay in the lines with the driver-assist features. The lane-keeping-assist system is especially helpful if you tend to get so immersed that you find yourself drifting a bit. This system gently nudges the driver back into the right lane. But the best thing about this BMW is that if you don’t like these driving “nanny” features? You can easily turn them off!

The ability to personalize your experience so significantly in this BMW is just one more feature that takes it over the top. Add to it the rear seat entertainment system, heated seats for your rear passengers (who will never want to leave the car again!), and the speed and strength you get from the new 5 Series and you’ll see why it’ll look even better in your garage than the Mona Lisa would above your mantle! Visit your trusted South Florida BMW dealership to learn more — and treat yourself to a test drive.

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BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Sedan

Braman BMW | BMW ActiveHybrid Sedan

In the luxury auto world, BMW has long been a leader in raising the bar for efficiency and advancing technology to push “green” cars to new heights. At the same time, it has instilled its eco-conscious cars with all the refinement, performance capacity, and power that fans expect from the iconic brand. When you opt for an ActiveHybrid 5 Sedan, you get all the perks of owning a BMW sedan coupled with innovations that empower you to conserve vital resources (including your cash as you fill up at the pumps).


BMW Hybrid Technology At Its Best

The ActiveHybrid 5’s base model features a 3.0 L 6-cylinder inline engine. This is coupled with an electric drivetrain. During short distances, this hybrid design enables the vehicle to run via battery power. When you accelerate from a stop, the battery powers car and continues to do so until you reach about 15 mph or so. If you drive in city conditions often – or everyday, like many of us – this helps you save a tremendous amount of fuel.

When you reach a cruising speed, the gas engine takes over to maintain speed and to power the generator. This enables it to store electricity for later. When you need to accelerate – or you have the urge to open this sleek 5 up and see what it can do – the gas and electric systems work in concert to “provide sportscar performance without a sportscar thirst.”

You will increase efficiency even further thanks to the Hybrid Start Stop Function. This feature switches the combustion engine off automatically when you come to a full and complete stop (e.g. a red light, a traffic jam). When you’re ready to go, you simply engage the accelerator, and the engine restarts seamlessly. Worried that when the engine is off, your climate control and audio will be off as well? No need. Important functions are run by the durable battery during stops.

When you switch into ECO PRO Mode, each function runs with optimal efficiency. Your sedan provides helpful tips (e.g. “Tip: Accelerate Moderately) to help you conserve. Depending on your driving style, this can help you cut fuel consumption by an astonishing 20 percent.

Efficient technology – also including air vent control, aerodynamic design, and brake energy regeneration – helps this BMW sedan achieve 23 miles per gallon city and 30 miles per gallon highway. While this isn’t as high as vehicles like a Prius, consider the size. This is a sedan; it is far more spacious, roomy, and convenient for families and busy professionals than a compact or subcompact. It’s also a BMW.  You have the advantage of the best in engineering, technology, performance, power… you have the best of the best.


BMW Driveability

When you visit a BMW dealership in Florida to peruse the latest models, you expect to test drive vehicles that perform like sports cars and offer the comfort of true luxury. The ActiveHybrid 5 delivers. If you’re expecting subpar output given the hybrid system, you’re in for a treat: this BMW sedan churns out 335 horsepower 330 lb-ft of torque. This is punchy for any sedan; given that you’ll see great efficiency, this is remarkable.

The sturdy chassis provides a stable ride, ensuring every journey – whether to the grocery store or to a remote mountain cabin – is safe and comfortable. Safe, comfortable, and thrilling. Thanks to the 8-speed Steptronic transmission, gear changes are smooth and seamless. Want even more sport? An edge to your daily commute or an added thrill to your weekend excursions? Use the selector lever and switch into manual. More control, and let’s face it, more fun.

And if that’s not quite enough control, you can select your driving mode. With Driver Experience Control, you can opt for Comfort or Sport to tailor your handling to meet your specific needs.


The Total Package

It’s efficient. It’s powerful. It’s a performance machine. This BMW sedan is also incredibly beautiful – inside and out – and fully stocked with the BMW touches that elevate ordinary to extraordinary. You are constantly connected via BMW’s advanced onboard technology. Highlights include:

  • Comfort Access. This allows you to open your doors, start your engine, and open your tailgate without using your car key. A great help when your trying to find your keys in a crowded bag/purse or when you have your arms loaded with groceries or gear.
  • Rear-seat entertainment Professional. Your rear passengers will enjoy two 9.2 inch tilt-adjustable screens and DVD drive, connections for MP3 players, game consoles and headphones, and remote control operation. And with a mobile contract, they can access wireless on the go.
  • Concierge Services. Your ActiveHybrid 5 will become your personal butler with BMW ConnectedDrive Concierge Services, accessible via your dash screen.
  • Remote Services. You can use your smartphone to locate your car and lock and unlock it.
  • Online Entertainment. You’ll have access to over 12 million music tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for any adventure.
  • ConnectedDrive Services. Stay connected – you’ll have real-time information, entertainment, and service features while you’re out and about.
  • Driver Assist. Take advantage of a complete suite of features that help you drive  – and park – more easily. Traffic jam assistant, BMW Head Up Display, iDrive Touch Controller, camera systems, Park Assistant, BMW Selective Beam, and Active Protection maximize safety and convenience.

If you do not want to sacrifice performance and luxury for efficiency, visit a BMW dealership in Florida to learn more about the ActiveHybrid 6. This BMW sedan will meet – and exceed – your highest expectations.

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BMWi Living Electric, Wherever You are

BMW is over a century old; how does the legendary brand keep its edge? How does it stay on top of the luxury auto world and continue to earn the respect – and the diehard enthusiasm – of drivers around the world? By committing to continual innovation. By creating, and integrating, the most advanced technology in the industry. And by delivering the end-results that their customers crave: performance vehicles that are as refined as they are powerful. And as efficient as they are exhilarating. By creating “Ultimate Driving Machines” like the BMW i.


Electrifying Experiences

MR PORTER  is a “global online retail destination” for men with a flair for fashion – or at least want to dress like it. It is trendy, current, and hot. But… what does this have to do with BMW? The iconic brand and the retailer have partnered up to create an exclusive edition of the i3. The MR PORTER i3 runs solely on electric power and is made with an astonishing 95 percent recyclable materials.

According to MR PORTER: “The aesthetic is informed by the enduring appeal of the tuxedo, and references the luxury of bespoke suiting, such as the pinstripe-inspired detail along the chassis.” Every design element is carefully considered and executed to align with clientele’s tastes, from the MR PORTER badge to the Capparis white hand-painted accent to the certified dark oak panelling and dark leather floor mats

But that ride, though. This special edition boasts all the power and agility you expect, with an incredibly smooth, near silent drive.

A unique aspect of the BMW i is these collaborations and partnerships. The automaker seeks innovative thinkers from all industries to create ground-breaking projects. Whether you want a MR PORTER i3 or just  a “standard” (though BMW doesn’t make “standard”) i model BMW for  sale, the point remains: BMW is committed to ingenuity, to thinking outside the box, to pushing the boundaries.

They have done all this with exemplary results with their i line. Whatever you think you know about electric and hybrid vehicles? Forget it, and get to know these stellar, class-leading, mold-breaking cars.


BMW Redefining Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The i line encompasses two exciting vehicles:

  • i3. This all-electric BMW is a locally emissions-free vehicle that is specifically designed for city driving – and for sustainability. Get ready for incredible 137 miles per gallon city and 111 miles per gallon highway. Finally, a car that’s more efficient in traffic! And with 170 hp, you’ve got a vehicle with gusto. It has the horsepower to leap from 0 to 60 and the torque to keep you there.
  • i8. The i8 is the proof you need to win any argument stating that hybrids lack spirit and cannot keep up with fuel-powered sports cars. It can, and it does with 357 hp- all while giving you a 15 mile electric range, 76 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent), and 28 MPG. The durable electric battery is coupled with a powerful TwinPower Turbo engine for ultimate excitement. BMW calls it “Innovation disguised as a sports car.”

The guiding principle behind both models is “Intelligent Sustainability.” Rather than treat sustainability as a buzzword, BMW takes it as a challenge and has committed to maximize the conservation of resources throughout all steps of their development process – and beyond.

BMW didn’t just reuse an existing model and tack on efficiency-adding features. They started from the ground up by designing a platform specifically for electric mobility. They’ve integrated recycled and recyclable materials where possible, and the production plant in Leipzig runs on energy from regenerative sources. The vehicles themselves reduce emissions and technology like ECO PRO Mode further reduce power needs and increase the range of the electric battery.

As mentioned, 95 percent of the materials in the i3 can be recycled: battery modules see a second life as storage for wind or energy plans, and carbon fibres are reused in production. Whether your goal is to save money at the pump or begin to think more conscientiously about our use of resources, the BMW i will empower you to achieve it.


But…Is It a Hassle?

The key to sustainability is to help people adopt behaviors that last. If you cannot charge your electric vehicle easily, if you cannot integrate it into your life fully, just how “sustainable” is it? The i3 and i8 make owning your BMW as effortless as driving it.

The average car is parked 22 hours per day, ample time with which to easily recharge your batteries with the standard charging cable, the BMW i Wallbox, or the Wallbox Pro. You can find also find charging stations via the ChargeNow mobility service for convenient recharges while you’re working, shopping, or grabbing a bite.

You can truly live – and drive – electric with complete convenience, and with even better results. The BMW i series is one of a kind: it makes sustainability easy – and sexy.


BMWi Sustainable, Cost-Saving, Efficient – and Then Some

In addition to its class-leading status in the electric vehicle world, the i Series adds some serious benefits. Carbon fibre reinforced performance. Ultra-lightweight BMW LifeDrive. 360° Electric Lifestyle Program. As BMW says, “Finally an EV that performs like a BMW. Because it is one.”

With the BMW i, you can live electric anywhere – and instead of detracting from your driving experience, it will only enhance it. If you are seeking a BMW for sale, consider going electric. Once you make the switch, you may never go back. And that is a truly sustainable choice.

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2016 BMW I8 Review

2016 BMW I8 Review

Remember when you were young and collected Hot Wheels cars? Remember how the old cars that you got were cool, and the traditional sedans were ok. But the cars that everybody wanted in their collection were the sports cars. These vehicles were smooth, sleek, and absolutely stunning to look at. You may not have understood the term, “sexy” when you were that young, but you did understand that these were the cars that drove your imagination to new places.

Now you’re an adult and you have an adult’s salary and an adult’s thoughts. But imagine walking into a BMW dealer in Florida: when you turn the corner, you see the 2016 BMW i8. You close your eyes for a moment and open them and nope, the car is still there. You pinch yourself. Yes, it’s real. You blink a few times. It’s your childhood dream car – all grown up.

When you see the i8 for sale you’ll realize that BMW embodies the fun, sleek, sexy car that you always loved to play with when you were young. And not only is it stylish and oh so gorgeous, it’s also shockingly affordable in the world of luxury vehicles. Let’s discuss the i8 a bit more and you’ll see that even though you’re an adult, it’s still fun to play with cars.

More on the 2016 BMW i8

There’s something you should probably know about the i8 – it’s a hybrid. Running on electric and gas, the i8 allows you to save a huge amount of money on gas, especially around town. There’s two separate power sources: one per axle. The rear axle handles the turbocharged three-cylinder engine while the front wheels are powered by the electric motor.

The battery is located inbetween the seats, which allows the car to keep the low, sleek profile that keeps the vehicle looking extremely sleek. Because the motor and the engine are combined, the i8 can run completely on electricity, as a sport hybrid, or use both the engine and the motor together in order to give you the best performance possible.

But wait – how can a gas powered engine and a battery powered motor work together? That’s an excellent question, and it’s all thanks to software. The software that’s hooked up to the i8 means that the two components can work together without being mechanically connected. This allows for some serious power, and, when it comes to gas, some serious savings as well.

This three-cylinder engine boasts 228 horsepower, which gives it about 236 pound-feet of torque. The six speed automatic transmission runs through smoothly, and the vehicle is able to reach 155 mph with ease. The governor keeps it from climbing higher; still, 155 mph is more than enough for a thrill seeking driver.

The combined range between the battery and the engine is about 330 miles, which isn’t too shabby for either an electric car or a hybrid. The fuel efficiency rating, when it’s being run only as a hybrid is about 28 mpg. Despite the sporty power and performance, the i8 is a fuel-sipper, not a guzzler.

The BMW I8 Appeal

The i8 is helping redefine the BMW brand – taking the classic brand into the 21st century while still maintaining the automaker’s reputation for quality. It’s absolutely gorgeous and offers a high-tech vibe with “bird” doors that open straight up. The sleek, very low-to-the-ground look of the BMW turns heads the moment that it’s viewed. It’s bound to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Should you start looking for an i8 for sale? Is it the right vehicle for you? Let’s figure that out. The i8 is the ideal vehicle for someone who is looking for a sports car but who, at the same time, wants it to be extremely efficient. It, quite frankly, is entirely in a class of it’s own. There is no other vehicle on the road today that has as much technology, as much panache, or attracts as much attention as the BMW i8.

If you’re looking for a performance car that makes a loud roar when you drive it, the i8 may not be the option for you as this car runs much quieter than some other sports vehicles. But don’t let its whisper performs fool you: the i8 is just as responsive, just as gorgeous and sleek, and even more efficient than most other sports luxury vehicles.

Head to your local BMW dealer in Florida to take this beauty out for a test drive. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll fall in love at first drive.


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2016 BMW 320i Review

2016 BMW 320i Review

While it’s true that BMW has an impressive selection of vehicles to select from, none is better known than the 3-Series. The 3-Series has been hailed multiple times as the epitome of automobile manufacturing. The 3-Series truly showcases exactly what BMW stands for and what we should expect from this luxury vehicle company. If you’re planning on looking for BMW dealer specials, however, you may want to really zoom in on one of the 3-Series vehicles: the BMW 320i.

The 2016 BMW 320i

The BMW 320i is classed as a sport sedan. Small enough to be easily maneuverable, no matter whether you’re on the open road or trying to find your way through a labyrinth of buildings, yet powerful enough to leave no doubt that you are driving a BMW. What powers this sport sedan is the Inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The 23.0 liter engine hides serious power under the hood of the vehicle, creating 320 horsepower that allows the car to rev up to 6,500 RPM and creates 332 pounds per feet of torque.

While various components of the vehicle work in concenter to ensure the car offers the performance you expect, the true beauty and power hides in the engine. Known in the BMW plant as the B58 engine, this twinpower turbo engine is able to kick up the speed and power thanks to the indirect charge air cooling system. The design of the system allows the machinery to use shorter-length intakes that gives the vehicle its massive amount of power. Able to handle going from 0-60 MPH in only 6.5 seconds, there’s no doubt that this BMW has all the power you’ll ever need from a sport sedan.

The Comfort Of BMW 320i

Aside from power, one factor for which BMW is so well known  – and a reason why so many people are looking for a BMW 320i lease special – is comfort. All BMWs come standard with luxurious comfort that allows you to truly relax whether you are riding or driving. The 320i is no exception. BMWs engineers built comfort into every feature – and you’ll feel it every mile you drive. New shock towers greatly improves the handling giving the driver less roll and a much more smooth ride.

The inside of the vehicle is just as comfortable thanks to the leather interior and standard-issued sports seats. LED lighting inside the vehicle allows the driver to set any type of mood they would like while the navigation system ensures that they will get to their destination on time. Aluminum appliques and the Fineline wood trim rounds out the interior of the vehicle to give you a sleek, stylish and yet severely comfortable interior.

The Look Of The 2016 BMW 320i

BMW definitely has a classic look, and the 320i holds true to their exacting standards. As a sports sedan, most expect the vehicle to look boxy and boring. The 320i, however, is anything but. While the car is on the smaller side, as a sports sedan should be, it’s designed to feel much more roomy inside, so that if you and three of your friends go on a road trip you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable due to lack of space. The cozy interior is only outshined by the sleek exterior. With classic BMW lines, only slightly updated and refreshed, the 320i is easily picked out as belonging to the BMW family.

The Ride In A BMW 320i

With a fantastic looking exterior and a luxurious interior, the last thing we need to discuss is the ride. One reason why so many look for BMW dealer specials is mainly due to the way a BMW rides. The smooth handling, the extreme power that is underneath your fingertips at all times: all of these things are hard to resist for someone who loves high end luxury cars. The BMW 320i definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to finding a luxury vehicle that offers unmatched drivability.

First let’s talk about the power. As stated above, this vehicle is capable of going 0-60 in 6.5 seconds, and you definitely feel that the moment your foot hits the accelerator. The torque flows perfectly into the manual transmission giving you a flawless transition from gear to gear. With the new suspension, the BMW 320i handles much more smoothly than the previous incarnation of the BMW sport sedan, giving the driver much more control over the vehicle.

Is The BMW 320i Right For You?

Two of the most stressful purchases most people ever make have to do with living arrangements and vehicles. When you add up all the time you spend in your vehicle, it’s easy to see why people are so careful and thoughtful about the type of vehicle they drive. If you’re going to be spending over 10 hours a week in a car you want it to be comfortable, powerful, and stylish all at the same time. The BMW 320i manages to be all of these things at once. It has the power under the hood that you crave, the sleek design that you love and the comfortable exterior that you need. That’s one reason why so many are looking for a BMW 320i lease special: to help the hopeful owner to be able to afford the vehicle of their dreams.


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2016 BMW 228i Coupe

BMW 2281 Review

2016 BMW 228i Coupe Luxury Car Review

There’s something about driving a luxury car that makes you feel like nothing else can. Is it knowing how much power you have underneath the hood – and knowing that you are the one controlling it all? Is it the luxury that surrounds you, or the fact that everyone who sees your car remarks on how gorgeous it is? There are a number of reasons why someone would head to a BMW dealer in Florida in search for the perfect BMW, but which BMW is the perfect one to fit your needs? If you’re looking for small, sleek, powerful and luxurious, the BMW 228i Coupe is a top contender.

What’s Under the Back?
The appearance of any car is important, but even more critical – especially to thrill-seeking drivers – is the power underneath the hood. Powering  this sexy little coupe is the gutsy 2.0 liter I-4 engine. Allowing for 240 horsepower and 225 pounds of torque, this rear-wheel drive vehicle has more than enough power to handle anything the owner can throw at it.

The 17” silver aluminum wheels complement the body style while giving serious traction and enabling this streamlined coupe to slice through any road or mountain pass you happen to take it on.

It may be surprising to know that a four-cylinder engine can handle serious speed. Believe it: the 228i Coupe can handle going from 0-60 in under 5 seconds. Best yet, not only is the engine powerful enough to accommodate any serious driver, it’s also fairly energy efficient. The BMW 228i Coupe hits 23 MPG in the city and an impressive 35 MPG on the highway. The fuel efficiency makes it easy to take this coupe on a road trip of any distance and also makes it an affordable daily driving car.

Another little gem that this coupe has, and one reason why many anxious car owners start looking for BMW coupe specials, is the automatic stop-start function. This function was created to help the vehicle’s owner lower the amount of gas they use every day while also helping to conserve resources and lower emissions.

The engine senses when your vehicle is stopped, when you’re at a stop light or dealing with serious traffic, for instance, and automatically shuts off. The minute you hit the gas again, however, it starts right up without the driver having to push any buttons or insert any keys. This allows you to save a great deal of money on fuel and to rest easy knowing that you’re doing your little part to help protect the environment. as well.

How Safe Is It?
Vehicle safety is always paramount, and the 228i Coupe doesn’t disappoint those who are strict in their safety guidelines. This sporty coupe has a number of standard safety features that are designed to help keep the driver, and any passengers, as safe as they can possibly be, starting with the antilock disc brakes and brake-drying feature. The brake system is sent a message when the driver is using the windshield wipers. This tells the brakes that the road is wet and so the vehicle uses sophisticated technology to keep the brakes as dry as possible, significantly lowering the risk of hydroplaning during severe weather.

Also included standard in the coupe is a full length side curtain airbag, front knee airbags, front seat side airbags, and hill start assist for those who choose the manual vehicle option. When tested by Edmunds, a company filled with vehicle experts, the 228i coupe was able to come to a stop in 111 feet when it was at 60 MPH. This is much better than the average coupe can handle and should make those who are looking for BMW coupe specials rest easy knowing that this coupe is filled with as many safety features as you could possibly want.

What Is the Inside Like?
Of course you know when you talk BMW, you’re talking about luxury from one end of the car to the other, and from the outside to the inside. This sassy coupe has the classic driver-centric layout that makes BMW so enjoyable to drive. Even though the 228i is classified by BMW as an “entry-level” luxury vehicle, no expense was spared when it comes to the power, the design or the interior of the vehicle.

The iDrive system is, of course, included and is clearly displayed on a 6.5” screen. The sports seats are standard and not only look fantastic inside of the vehicle, their supportive design is extremely comfortable as well. Keep in mind, however, that this vehicle was designed to be a compact car so putting more than two people in it is often testing the limits of the space allotted.

The BMW 228i Coupe is definitely something to explore if you’re looking for a sporty luxury vehicle that handles like a dream, looks fantastic, and is so comfortable that long trips are a piece of cake. As an entry-level luxury vehicle the price is much more affordable than many other luxury coupes – but it is abundantly clear that the quality hasn’t been sacrificed. Visit your local BMW dealer in Florida to see if this sweet little coupe is the vehicle that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

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