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BMW 530E iPerformance: Gas or Electric?

2017 BMW 530e | Braman BMW

Meet the 2017 BMW 530e iPerformance. It marks yet another step toward lower emissions, even happier customers, and a better future overall. The world is changing, and BMW knows it. What’s more, the iconic brand is more than prepared to be at the forefront of that evolution. This means more cars utilizing electricity and fewer relying upon gasoline. So, how does the iPerformance fit into this mission?

This particular hybrid BMW for sale uses both electricity and gas. Under the hood, you’ll find a turbocharged, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that offers up 180 hp and 215 lb-ft of torque. It works in tandem with a compact electric motor that is programmed to generate 95 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The battery pack is liquid-cooled and takes about seven hours to charge when plugged into a regular 120V outlet.

The 2017 BMW 530e is a new addition to the 5 series lineup, but another happily electric option for those looking for one. A sleek design coupled with a much greener, eco-friendly motor allows you to get where you need to be without sacrificing style or power. It’s exciting to see where the technology takes us. How long will it be before BMW is wholly electric? Diehard fans and eco-conscious drivers are ready to shift with them.

Until then, you can still use gasoline when necessary, should you need to make it a little longer on the freeway or snag those extra miles to get home and charge up your car. The gas engine is there as support, though you can always ask the experts at Braman about more possibilities when you start looking for a hybrid BMW for sale. One thing is for sure – anyone in the market for an electric or hybrid car will appreciate the possibilities of the 530e. It delivers fantastic savings on gas, benefits for the planet, and, last but certainly not least, an incredible car for yourself.

Will Holograms be the New Touchscreens?

BMW i-series | Braman BMW

BMW isn’t afraid to experiment. When it comes to BMW technology, you never know what might spring up in their next vehicle. The leading brand often works closely with various tech-savvy companies in order to consider different ways to make their cars better, more intuitive, and cutting edge for customers each and every year. But with touchscreens and voice commands already so prevalent, what could BMW seek out next to integrate into their cars?

As it turns out, holograms may be the next “big thing” in BMW technology.  They’re calling it HoloActive Touch. It’s a visual interface for cars that allows you to use hand gestures and motions to perform various actions inside the c0ar.

So, let’s say they add hologram tech to a car in the BMW i-series. The system projects holographic control surfaces straight up from the center console, which the driver then interacts with. Since the driver won’t actually be touching anything physical, strategically placed cameras will track the hand motions in order to get things done. When a function gets activated, the system “pulses” as an indicator.

Thus far, there’s been no promises to add HoloActive Touch to the BMW i-series – or any series, for that matter. It’s an idea that BMW is toying with for now – although they do seem quite interested in showing it off at CES 2017. After all, the marque does have AirTouch currently in the BMW 7 and 5 series.

At the same time, BMW isn’t one to make idle promises. When they get into their tech, they go all out and look for ways to make it work seamlessly. Innovation is the key, and BMW is certainly at the forefront. Still, the world will have to wait until CES 2017 to see if BMW has really brought an element of science fiction to life.

What You Need to Charge Your New BMW i8 at Home

New BMW i8 | Braman BMW

When you find a BMW i3 for sale or a new i8, the best investment that you can make as part of the deal is a Level 2 charger. Now, there is a range of L2 chargers for a reason. They charge four times faster than L1 chargers, after all.

Standard household plugs run at 120 volts. These can be used to charge electric vehicles and are enough to typically get them to full charge overnight. However, if you want to charge twice as fast, you’ve also got 240 volt outlets in your house. These run dryers, electric ovens, and large air conditioning units.

So when you talk about Level 2 vs. Level 1, this is the difference that’s being discussed. Level 2 means it runs off of a 240 volt plug. Since you can’t drag your car into your laundry room, unplug your dryer, and plug in the car, there is installation involved for a car charger. It needs to be on a 40 amp circuit with 8 gauge wire in order to charge.

DC chargers are also available, but they will run thousands of dollars. They will deliver a whopping 480 volts, though! These are becoming more widely used at public and commercial charging locations.

Consult your BMW dealer about which charger is the best for you. There are different options, and they may all require slightly different installation. Your BMW dealer can also let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Furthermore, installation can get very tricky. You don’t want to do something wrong and risk damaging your new car (or worse, yourself!). Save yourself the hassle and risk, and get the installation done professionally. An oversight when dealing with this level of electricity can be unsafe.

Whichever charger and installation route you decide on, you’ll thank them when you get that new BMW i8 or BMW i3 ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Stepping Up Electric BMW Options

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

BMW has positioned itself at the beginning of an exciting revolution. With the tremendous success of cars like the BMW i8, the era of electric BMW is right around the corner.

Don’t worry, BMW will still be making gas-powered performance cars. Yet the i8 proved that they can make a futuristic performance electric BMW that stays on pace and holds the road just as well as its gas-powered cousins.

That opens up a lot of possibilities, one of which is an electric take on the MINI (the MINI marque is owned by BMW). The BMW i3 platform might become the base for this model. It’ll take some engineering. Luckily, that’s what BMW is best at.

Already, the German maker has announced that battery capacity on the BMW i3 will be increased by 50 percent. This will give the i3 a range of up to 114 miles on a full charge. Adventure, unlimited.

If they continue with the plan to use the BMW i3, they’ll have to retool the body considerably. The platform would have to fit a larger battery and factories would have to be upgraded in order to make the switch to an all electric BMW. The i3 can already be used as an all-electric, yet its abilities and engineering could lead to a dynamic and fun MINI.

The i3 is already a wildly successful, sporty electric BMW. Its low center of gravity also makes it an optimal platform for this kind of MINI conversion; it handles with that BMW response and precision and can deliver a truly performance-oriented driving experience in a MINI.

No decision has come down from BMW yet, but cars like the BMW i3 offer an exciting glimpse into the future of performance-driven electric cars.

BMW i8 Designers Work From the Inside Out

BMW i8 | Braman BMW

The BMW i8 is a hybrid that’s built with insight from the inside-out. When you lean back in the driver’s seat, you’ll feel just how different of a driving experience this is. You’ll get the same BMW performance, but you’ll feel it from a whole different perspective as a driver. The trick is to maintain that same classic feel that we know and love while also giving us something new and futuristic – along with even more control and response.

With driverless cars on the horizon, BMW is rethinking their entire approach to car design. As BMW designs into the future, engineers are no longer focusing on the overall shape first. Instead, the cars are more often being built from the inside-out. This makes the car of the future a tactile exploration of BMW technology, with heads-up displays that replace the instrument cluster. Touch screens and voice controls abound.

This may sound complicated, but the ultimate goal is to actually make the driving experience simpler. This iconic brand wants to remove every barrier separating the driver from his or her vehicle. BMW has always been focused on driver experience. The more the car acts as an extension of the driver, the smoother it delivers, and the more its responses match the speed of thought, the more the driver gets to focus on the joyful experience of driving.

Removing some of the instruments and replacing their indications with a heads-up display can also help to distract the driver less. When you’re tired or stressed, you can look at the instrument cluster too long and lose track of the road. With a heads-up display, and a control system BMW calls Alive Geometry, many of the distracting controls we deal with today will be replaced by more intuitive BMW technology.

Many think of the BMW i8 as a successful leap into the future, but BMW seems to be treating it only as a first step. Given the i8’s astounding success, that’s an exciting prospect.

BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Team up to Bring us Here

South Florida BMW Dealership | Braman BMW

When it comes to information, Google’s a pretty serious opponent to take on. Their name has become a verb that means “to look up information.” Just how can a car company develop a mapping service to challenge Google’s ubiquitous service? By teaming up with its competitors, that’s how.

If you visit a South Florida BMW dealership, you’d never expect to hear the names “Audi” and “Mercedes.” Each company believes its own designs to be vastly superior to the others. This isn’t really about the car designs themselves, though. This is about an agreement to develop a mapping service that all three will use.

The cars of all three automakers collect real-time sensor data. This allows each to better gather information and present to you a real-time sense of your surroundings. This kind of data is also key to features like BMW’s ConnectedDrive, which is capable of learning your habits and making suggestions for dining, hotels, and a variety of excursions whenever you find yourself someplace new and unfamiliar. It’s a great way of introducing you to things you’ll love in new places and making you feel more at home when you travel.

BMW, Audi, and Daimler together spent $3.1 billion on Nokia’s mapping service last year. This gives them the technology to quickly challenge competitors. If a BMW now notices something of interest, that information is automatically shared with Audi and Mercedes. This is the very first time these three makers have made such a deal.

It will also help that this data is specific to car makers, because the way it’s analyzed will be specific to driving. This will ensure the data has more dynamic and immediate use for drivers.

BMW lease specials can help you enjoy features like ConnectedDrive that take advantage of this kind of integrated driving experience. You can learn more about this new way of driving at your South Florida BMW dealership.

BMW 7 Series Remote Parking on the Streets

BMW 7 Series | Braman BMW

BMW knows how to gets people interested in their vehicles – and stoke the passion in folks who already love everything BMW does. This time around, the BMW 7 Series is ready to shine with a whole showcase of technological goodies for you – including the ability to remote park your car.

Initially a lot of folks didn’t quite understand the need for remote parking. You’re in the car already – can you not just park it yourself? And when faced with a space too small, you can always just continue to drive around until you find something more suitable, right?

The funny thing is that you never know quite when these BMW accessories will come in handy. A great example? You have parked your car. You’re enjoying a lovely dinner or day of shopping. And you return only to find that a few folks have decided it’s okay to park nice and close to you to the point that you simply cannot get into your car. Likewise, sometimes you don’t have the chance or time to find another parking spot and that skinny one will simply have to do.

The BMW 7 Series gives you a chance to get into – and out of – tight spaces. This is especially true for people who live in the crowded cities of the country where finding a parking spot is a never ending battle. With remote parking, you don’t have to give up that space you saw just because it looked too small. You may never see these situations coming, and yes, it may be something you don’t ever see. But knowing that you’ve got the option to use the feature in order to help out in such situations can be calming.

BMW accessories may not always be strict necessities, but they can most certainly give you peace of mind – and isn’t that worth a lot?

BMW Named Most Sustainable Auto Company

BMW i Series | Braman BMW

The Dow Jones Index keeps a close eye on companies throughout the world and isn’t afraid to let everyone know when businesses are embarking on worthwhile paths. In this case, the BMW I Series has only boosted the automaker’s standing with Dow Jones – and, more importantly, with drivers.

Last month, the Dow Jones Index named BMW as the most sustainable auto company. In fact, BMW has ended up in the Dow Jones Index every year since 1999 – the same year the Dow Jones Index came into being. They’re proud to add that they are only one of three auto manufacturers to have that honor for so long. The new BMW for sale that you see will have a lower emissions than its predecessor, as BMW has slowly but surely been reducing CO2 emissions for the past ten years. So far, emissions have been reduced by 40%.

However, BMW is continuing that goal by creating a line that allows drivers to enjoy the speed and power of a BMW without the need for gasoline. Aiming for pure electric power, the BMW I Series gives people a chance to see what it’s like to have a fantastic car that decreases their footprint on the world. You can test a new BMW for sale yourself; find out what makes it so excellent and what it is that the Dow Jones Index sees.

Not only does BMW maintain sustainability in their vehicles, but also throughout the company. From how it powers its plants to maintaining corporate offices, diverse aspects of the business are always addressed and if possible, improved upon. Dow Jones looks at all these things rather than just products, which is why BMW has beaten out other competitors in the past and continually made the list year after year.

Take some time to examine that new BMW for sale and know that when you decide to buy or lease, you’re making a choice to work with a top quality company.

BMW Model Lineup changes for 2017

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

Are you prepared for the 2017 BMW lineup? Are you pumped to see the fresh look of the BMW i3? Are you ready for BMW crossovers? It’s an exciting time, so buckle up and get ready for the rush.

BMW is fully set with their lithium-ion battery powered BMW i3. It boasts a fun design and a powerful engine – a big plus in hybrid and e-vehicles. The range is greater than ever, a significant factor in areas where charging stations are not yet ubiquitous. If you need the range extended, you can utilize the additional gas-powered engine to get those extra miles.The tank isn’t large by any means, so use it wisely and when necessary as it only holds 2.4 gallons of gas.

Don’t get us wrong: the BMW i3 can still travel fairly far with just those few gallons, but it’s always important to be aware of how much longer your car can go before it needs refueling – electric or gas-wise.

Next on the lineup: the BMW crossover – the X4 – is a ready-to-rock vehicle that is certain to catch anyone’s eye. Given a bit of an update in various areas, it looks as stunning as ever and is the kind of car that is perfect for those who love BMW but want additional space and a pinch of ruggedness. The X4 is one of several in that particular lineup, so even if it doesn’t work for you, you can always text out the rest of the X Series and see which one fits your lifestyle.

BMW also has a new addition for the 5 Series, and has done a bit of trim changes on various cars throughout other lines, including the 2, 3, and 4 Series.

No matter what, 2017 is going to be a banner year for BMW as it continues to innovate and improve – which makes it hard not to already be excited for what 2018 might bring.

Bringing Luxury to Ride Sharing: BMW’s ReachNow

BMW Lease Specials | Braman BMW

The new social and technological era that we live in has brought about some interesting changes. One of these innovations is the concept of ride sharing. As the idea grew in popularity, BMW took notice. Not one to leave an idea on the table without first thoroughly examining it, the automaker decided that ride sharing could be a great way to bring BMWs to people who might not otherwise experience them. Like BMW lease specials, ride sharing makes this legendary brand even more accessible.

ReachNow is the name of BMW’s service, and it debuted in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. No, this isn’t Uber. You’re not calling someone to come pick you up and drive you around like a taxi service. Rather, ReachNow allows you to actually drive the BMW, so you’re getting the full experience at only a fraction of the price.

There’s no need to seek out a BMW dealer in South Florida (unless you decide in the future you’d like to buy or lease one yourself!). Instead, simply download the app, register your information, give it about two minutes to go through the approval process, and then go grab your car. BMWs are placed in a “Home Area” – certain spots throughout the city – where you drive it away, use it for however long you need it, and then take it back once you’re finished.

This is ridesharing like you’ve never seen; you benefit from the ease and flexibility that the program offers, and when your errands, work commute, or adventure is done, so is your responsibility and obligation. Perfect!

Enjoy ReachNow to your heart’s content and drive all sorts of different BMW models for all your daily needs. You may decide a Bimmer is in your future – and that you don’t want to share! If so, visit your trusted BMW dealer in South Florida for more information.