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BMW Model Lineup changes for 2017

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

Are you prepared for the 2017 BMW lineup? Are you pumped to see the fresh look of the BMW i3? Are you ready for BMW crossovers? It’s an exciting time, so buckle up and get ready for the rush.

BMW is fully set with their lithium-ion battery powered BMW i3. It boasts a fun design and a powerful engine – a big plus in hybrid and e-vehicles. The range is greater than ever, a significant factor in areas where charging stations are not yet ubiquitous. If you need the range extended, you can utilize the additional gas-powered engine to get those extra miles.The tank isn’t large by any means, so use it wisely and when necessary as it only holds 2.4 gallons of gas.

Don’t get us wrong: the BMW i3 can still travel fairly far with just those few gallons, but it’s always important to be aware of how much longer your car can go before it needs refueling – electric or gas-wise.

Next on the lineup: the BMW crossover – the X4 – is a ready-to-rock vehicle that is certain to catch anyone’s eye. Given a bit of an update in various areas, it looks as stunning as ever and is the kind of car that is perfect for those who love BMW but want additional space and a pinch of ruggedness. The X4 is one of several in that particular lineup, so even if it doesn’t work for you, you can always text out the rest of the X Series and see which one fits your lifestyle.

BMW also has a new addition for the 5 Series, and has done a bit of trim changes on various cars throughout other lines, including the 2, 3, and 4 Series.

No matter what, 2017 is going to be a banner year for BMW as it continues to innovate and improve – which makes it hard not to already be excited for what 2018 might bring.

Bringing Luxury to Ride Sharing: BMW’s ReachNow

BMW Lease Specials | Braman BMW

The new social and technological era that we live in has brought about some interesting changes. One of these innovations is the concept of ride sharing. As the idea grew in popularity, BMW took notice. Not one to leave an idea on the table without first thoroughly examining it, the automaker decided that ride sharing could be a great way to bring BMWs to people who might not otherwise experience them. Like BMW lease specials, ride sharing makes this legendary brand even more accessible.

ReachNow is the name of BMW’s service, and it debuted in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. No, this isn’t Uber. You’re not calling someone to come pick you up and drive you around like a taxi service. Rather, ReachNow allows you to actually drive the BMW, so you’re getting the full experience at only a fraction of the price.

There’s no need to seek out a BMW dealer in South Florida (unless you decide in the future you’d like to buy or lease one yourself!). Instead, simply download the app, register your information, give it about two minutes to go through the approval process, and then go grab your car. BMWs are placed in a “Home Area” – certain spots throughout the city – where you drive it away, use it for however long you need it, and then take it back once you’re finished.

This is ridesharing like you’ve never seen; you benefit from the ease and flexibility that the program offers, and when your errands, work commute, or adventure is done, so is your responsibility and obligation. Perfect!

Enjoy ReachNow to your heart’s content and drive all sorts of different BMW models for all your daily needs. You may decide a Bimmer is in your future – and that you don’t want to share! If so, visit your trusted BMW dealer in South Florida for more information.

BMW Touch Screen Key Fob is Now Available!

BMW Accessories | Braman BMW

It’s incredible the way technology continues to march on, second by second. It becomes better and better, as well as more impressive with every single step it takes. Even beyond smartphones – which provide you with a wealth of knowledge and power in the palm of your hand – BMW delivers the touch screen key fob. When you search for a 2016 BMW for sale, look into this great feature.

BMW accessories are always special, but this one is especially exciting. It offers the driver a plethora of information about the car he or she is driving, from fuel levels to window status, weather information to service information, and even more. Comfortable enough to sit in the palm of your hand, you can simply swipe to access the info you need or want. Quick. Convenient. Seamless.

If the 2016 BMW for sale that you’ve been eyeing features a keyless entry option, all you need is the key fob to complete your Ultimate Driving experience. Your car will feature wireless identification. What does that mean? Once you’re close, the fob and car will recognize each other and the car will unlock. Super simple – and fast.

Inside the fob is a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. But where do you plug it in, you may ask? That is also extremely simple. Just as smart as so many other BMW accessories, the touch screen key fob recharges wirelessly in the car. Just pop it into the charging tray in front of the gear lever, and that’s that.

The fob was unveiled during CES in 2015. Well received – and eagerly anticipated – the feature is coming to a BMW near you! In fact, if you’re looking at a 2016 BMW for sale – particularly the i8, then be prepared to explore the premium key fob. Ask your BMW experts and discover even more about the possibilities of BMW accessories. If the key fob is your first accessory, then it goes without saying that the other things BMW makes are just as fantastic.

6 Benefits of the BMW Fleet Program

BMW Lease Speecials | Braman BMW

Fleet cars are an important asset of a lot of companies. Businesses need vehicles to get employees from place to place, and it all needs to be done in comfort and and with utmost attention to quality. From daily commutes to critical business trips, there are dozens of reason to look into the BMW Fleet Program. Here are just a few BMW incentives to consider.

BMW Ultimate Service provides you with maintenance for the first 4 years/50,000 miles. This gives you the chance to really utilize your vehicles without the worry of spending additional funds on keeping them in top shape. That’s all taken care of for you. And should you ever find yourself without your fleet car as it stays behind for maintenance, you receive a complimentary use of a BMW. Take yours in for scheduled service, and you can still drive away in your favorite brand.

Roadside Assistance is an important part of any travel plans. When you join in the fleet program and utilize BMW lease specials, you can receive this benefit for the first 4 years. Even better? There is no mileage cap on Roadside Assistance.

The BMW Assist Safety Program and optional Convenience Program are also readily available to you and your company as you drive to and from business meetings and events. Likewise, you’ll also have a dedicated contact at BMW of North America so you’re always in touch with your company rep when you need them.

Still, the BMW incentives continue on, well into providing BMW Performance Driving School courses for those interested. And at very attractive rates, everyone can have the chance to enjoy a BMW at its full potential.

Visit the Braman BMW dealership and ask about fleet programs. We can provide you with the knowledge you’re looking for, as well as show you the models that work best for your particular business. From BMW lease specials and more, Braman has you covered in every way.

New 7 Series to have Remote Parking System

New BMW 7 Series for sale | Braman BMW

If you haven’t been excited about the new BMW 7 Series for sale, then it’s time to get into it. New technologies have been consistently added to BMWs for years, and with the addition of the remote parking system, things have gotten even more interesting. The issue was that various rules and legislation required a person to be on board a car while moving. But as time continues to relentlessly push forward and technology with it, the issue have finally been resolved. Starting in October, you might want to head to your South Florida BMW dealership, as the remote parking system will finally become available.

Combined with the new key fob, BMW is accelerating into the future. Here is one example of how the remote parking system can work. There is a space right in front of you, but other vehicles are simply too close. You could get into the space – but then you couldn’t get out of the car! What do you do? Use the remote parking system, of course!

It’s simple. Just  tell the car you want it to use the system. Motion sensors around the vehicle will remain in operation, in case you’re in the middle of moving the car back and someone or something darts behind it. The car will stop, and then once the obstruction is clear, you can continue moving it into our out of the space.

Most new BMW 7 Series for sale will have this option, although you’ll have to confirm this when you start your new car search. Ask the representatives at the South Florida BMW dealership – they’ll be able to provide you with cars with the system and even show you how it works.
One model for certain that doesn’t have this option is the 740e as the hybrid drivetrain doesn’t seem to be compatible. But given that dozens of other 7 Series vehicles are, you still have an excellent swath of choices waiting before you. So, which one will it be?

BMW Teams with Intel and Mobileye to Bring Autonomous Driving by 2021

New BMW for Sale | Braman BMW WPB

The joy of a BMW is in feeling how responsive it is to you as a driver – but what about those days where you’re behind schedule or still need to send e-mails and organizational texts? Or those days when you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride?

Fear not, because BMW, Intel, and Mobileye are forging ahead to bring fully automated cars into production by 2021. After all, when you look for a new BMW for sale, you want all the latest tech at your fingertips.

You know BMW and you know Intel, the technology and computing supergiant. Mobileye is the final part of that equation. This company is dedicated to developing computer vision and machine learning.

Now, the goal of automated driving isn’t to take your power away as a driver. What fun would that be? Instead, the goal is to give you even more options as to how you want to drive. What if you need to take your hands off the wheel to deal with an urgent text or phone call? What if you’re driving late at night and feel drowsy? The goal here is to give you the option of letting the computer in the car assist you or take over, if need be. You can still be in full command when you need – or want – to be.

If you have a half-hour commute to and from work, that’s an hour total spent in traffic. What if you had the option to spend that time catching up on work or correspondence or getting some badly needed down-time in between your home and work life. That’s the goal here: to free up drivers so they can use their time as they wish. You can always take over command again and feel the car respond to your control.

We’re looking into the future, but even the current new BMWs come with the latest technological advancements – headlights that anticipate turns, night vision, heads-up-displays directly on the windshield, and connected apps. You can even analyze your driving tendencies or live stream your drive if you want. Whether you’re looking for a new BMW for sale or to lease a BMW, it’s an incredible time to be part of the BMW family.


BMW Technology in Your Hands: Remote Services

BMW Technology | Braman BMW WPB

What can ConnectedDrive do for you? It’s actually one of the most powerful technologies in new BMW cars. This iconic brand has always been at the forefront of implementing technology to make your life easier and more convenient.  BMW technology is centered around the driver, but in today’s connected world, you want to be in control out of the car as well as in.

ConnectedDrive can help you locate a car in a crowded lot, lock and unlock the car, operate it remotely, and even warm it up on a frigid day or cool it down on a hot day. But that’s all old hat. It’s convenient, and it’s there because you will use it, but what else can ConnectedDrive do? As an app fully integrated into your driving experience through your smartphone, it can actually learn your habits as a driver.

Heading to a location? You can get navigation help. Lose your way? It’ll help you find it again. Need to update family about your arrival time? It’ll do so automatically if you want. In fact, it can even give you recommendations at your destination based on your tendencies. It can organize playlists, contacts, memos – whatever you need doing.

ConnectedDrive is also designed to help you keep your other apps organized and neatly accessible. Whether they’re driving-related or otherwise, they’ll be made easier to use during your drive. In fact, additional apps can be downloaded to help you do everything from see the road better to parallel park without a hitch.

Why do engineers put this kind of technology in new BMW cars? Because life is tough enough! If there are ways to make the driving experience that much more stress-free, why not take advantage? BMW technology is centered around the driver, whether you’re in the car or out of it. Ask your BMW dealer to tell you about ConnectedDrive and how it can help make life run that much more smoothly for you.

BMW Individual Collection: The Expression of Personality

BMW Individual Collection | Braman BMW WPB

A BMW can be a unique expression of the person driving it. You may not be able to take a Monet or Van Gogh painting out for a spin and show off your understanding of it, but you can with a piece of art from the BMW Individual Collection. These are bespoke BMWs designed by you, for you.

You want a specific feel, a specific look, something that’s yours alone and that no one else possesses. It’s not just about broad choices like color. It’s about every unique touch. Imagine getting into your BMW and knowing no one else has one like it: the grain of the wood trim, the type of leather, even the stitching, and the very finish and luminosity of the paint itself.

The equipment and fit can be tailored for you as well. A vehicle designed through our BMW Individual Manufaktur process is a special car. Every BMW is built to respond to the driver, to make you feel as if all you need to do to drive the car is think about what you want – only to have it respond.

Yet these BMWs can be designed with the help of your BMW dealer to fit you. It’s like putting on a fine suit or dress, whose measurements are all designed for you, and no one else. You have a hand in the creation, in the process. It is literally an act of tailoring an entire car just for you.

Virtually anything becomes an option. Do you want monogrammed features. Designer stitching? Emblems? Built-in accessories? Elements built from precious metals? Every BMW can be a unique expression of what a driver wants to see when they enter their car. Every BMW can feel different to the driver, being that much more responsive. Think it, the car does it: that’s the goal. Every element can be made smooth, exciting yet comforting all at once. To access the BMW Individual Collection and design your own, speak to your BMW dealer as soon as you can to get the process started.

BMW i Model Tops BMW’s Low Emission List

BMW i | Braman BMW WPB

For today’s savvy drivers, fuel economy is only the beginning. Eco-conscious drivers want to ensure that they reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. BMW strives to create vehicles that lead the way in terms of efficiency, and several models have carbon emissions below 100 grams per kilometer. Here are our top five.  Braman’s BMW lease specials make them as budget-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly.

BMW 216d Active Tourer

The Active Tourer combines a smooth ride with dynamic ability. This bold, multi-use BMW fits active lifestyles in a wide range of environments. It puts a priority on interior space, combining some of BMW’s best use of interior room with a classic, responsive driving feel.

BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics Plus

There are a few models in the BMW 1-series that boast great fuel efficiency, but it’s the Efficient Dynamics Plus spec for the 116d that feels particularly good. With a new line of modular engines being utilized, you get great torque combined with a hushed ride and complete control when revving. For a hatchback, it’s drag coefficient is impressive (only 0.29), meaning it denies any lift in the front and thus hugs the ground beautifully. The goal is to deliver a hatchback that still maintains a sporty, low-to-the-ground responsiveness to the driver. Mission accomplished.

BMW 118d

The second generation of the 1-series continues here. The goal with the 188d was to keep its front engine/rear-wheel-drive set-up very near a 50:50 weight balance. Combined with a low center of gravity, this car delivers a gutsy, exhilarating experience.

BMW 220d

The 220d is a coupe that focuses on firm, agile driving feel and a communicative response all the way through. It feels and looks bright and engaging and stands out on any street or in any environment. It’s a statement car that gives you fine balance and a brisk ride.

BMW i8

The BMW i-series is revolutionary. It’s innovation packed into a sleek sports car. It bites the road like you wouldn’t believe and is one of our greatest achievements in directing airflow around its chassis for greater efficiency. You’ll forget it’s a hybrid. The exterior is striking and its range of options includes headlights that anticipate turns, night vision, a heads-up-display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road, and of course 360-degree cameras to help you in tight spots such as parallel parking.
Check out our BMW lease specials, especially on the BMW i series, for these and other fuel-efficient cars. Saving money at the pump, and reducing carbon emissions, is a journey worth taking.

The 2016 BMW 330e: Putting an End to Boring Hybrids

BMW 330e | Braman BMW

Eco-conscious – and exhilarating? Since electric and hybrid vehicles have driven onto the scene, they’ve inspired a respect for environmentally-friendly technology. But passion? Excitement? Not so much. Until the 216 BMW 330e powered its way to the top of the class. This is the “Ultimate Driving Machine” you expect from the iconic brand – in a sleek, gas-sipping package.

Let’s take a peek at the vital stats before you hit a BMW dealer in Florida to test drive this beauty yourself.  The 330e features a 2.0L I-4 engine that churns out 180 horsepower and 215 ft.-lb. of torque. The electric motor adds 87 hph and 74 lb.-ft. of torque. The total output is not far off that of the 340i – andy you get the emissions- and fuel savings you want.

Speaking of which, electric range is about 25 miles. As a gas/electric hybrid, you can skip the next gas station. And the next… The range is figured to be about 124 miles per gallon. Road trip,  anyone?

If you’re up for that trip, the 330e is definitely the car in which to take it. While a hybrid, it handles like a 3 Series should. Crisp. Precise. Balanced. When you’re taking a tight turn, you won’t be thinking, “Gee, I’m driving a responsible car!” Though you are, you’re more likely to be thinking, “Wow!”

This classic automaker has done the unthinkable: it’s put “wow” into the hybrid class. Sporty, spunky, and sleek, the BMW 330e is not only a car you can feel good about driving – it’s a vehicle you’ll be excited to get behind the wheel of, every time.

Visit a BMW dealer in Florida to test drive the 330e and experience the performance and power for yourself. You’ll love the efficiency, and the exhilaration.