5 Reasons to Buy a BMW 3 Series

May 24, 2016

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Meet the BMW 3 Series, a lineup of fantastic cars that will make you wish you’d bought one sooner. Or at least looked into some good BMW lease deals in order to drive more than one member of the 3 Series over time. But in case you needed some convincing, take a look at these 5 reasons to indulge in a 3 Series.

1. Smooth ride – No matter which model you go with, you’ll love the way it rides. It’s smooth, flexible, and exactly what you want.

2. Quality handling – You can’t have a great ride without superior handling. Accurate steering and the ability to take corners like nobody’s business, the BMW 3 Series is all about giving you the best driving experience possible.

3. Economy – BMW is constantly looking for ways to improve economy, and every year it gets better and better. Not only does it help save you money, but it’s great for the environment as well. They’ve even created an Efficient Dynamics package to help with this.

4. Interior – A blend of high technology and hand-crafted comfort makes the BMW 3 Series something special. You can connect in a number of ways, utilize real time traffic information, and much more all while enjoying soft leather seating and personal climate control.

5. Personalization – Indeed, you can talk to the folks at Braman BMW about personalizing a BMW in any number of ways, from colors to accessories to tech inclusion. With so many possibilities, you can have the ideal car just for you. Just remember that if you intend to look at BMW lease deals, it won’t apply.

Buy or lease, this series of BMW cars is definitely worth a long, hard look. Talk with the representatives and examine the different options. Experience these reasons in person when you test drive one, and then let them know which one you intend to drive home.

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