A BMW Better Than Tesla?

December 08, 2022
bmw ix m60

If you are an electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast, power and speed are probably some of the primary features you look for. For agility and precision, power and speed must be complemented by performance, and a stylish exterior and interior. The new 2023 BMW iX M60 is a revolutionary choice offering many unique features. Check out the 2023 BMW iX M60 features that stack up against the Tesla Model X.

Power and performance in BMW are better than in Tesla?

With an incredible 610 horsepower and 811 pound-foot torque, the M60 accelerates from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, compared to its counterpart Tesla Model X of 3.8 seconds. As much as speed matters, how quickly you come to a stop, especially in an emergency, may matter more. When hitting the brakes at 70 mph, the BMW iX M60 series stopped at 151 feet as compared to Tesla Model X at 176 feet in a test done by Car and Driver.

Luxury and appearance

Comfort is a feature every car buyer checks before making a consideration. BMW iX M60 also has more head space. BMW iX M60’s traditional steering wheel makes navigation more comfortable compared to the Tesla Model X new-age shape. Passenger comfort is optimized through air suspension and electronically controlled shock absorbers with the BMW iX M60.

Fast charging in BMW is better than in Tesla.

The BMW iX M60 takes as little as 35 minutes to charge from 10%-80% on a commercial fast charger, while a Tesla Model X takes between 1 to 2 hours.

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