BMW Scoops Up Investment in Ride Sharing Service

July 05, 2016

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BMW has joined the fight against traffic. It turns out that the brand’s reach extends beyond the BMW dealership. The luxury automaker’s investment division recently invested in a carpooling app Scoop. What is Scoop – and why would a vehicle manufacturer invest in technology aimed to reduce driving?


Get the Scoop

You’re sick of making the morning commute by yourself and stopping to fill up every other day. With Scoop, you select a convenient departure time, and the app matches you with a tailored  carpool of neighbors or coworkers. You set AM commutes the night before, and PM commutes can be set as late as an hour ahead of time. Choose whether you want to drive or ride and the matching algorithm takes care of the rest.

If you choose to ride, you can pay in-app. If you choose to drive, you’ll undergo a motor vehicle history check. Everything is easy, convenient, and, most importantly, safe.


If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

BMW – and automakers across the globe – have realized this fundamental truth: more people want to carpool or take alternative modes of transportation. They want to save money and hassle. And in the case of Millennials, particularly, they don’t feel as though they need to own vehicles at all.

“Disrupters” – like Scoop, Uber, Lyft, Gett, and Hitch – pose a dilemma to automakers. Not that they will topple the car industry, by any means, but they are  just that: disruptions. BMW has been active in investing in these types of startup companies as a way to branch out into the rideshare/carpool space.

Another way to save money on your commute is to look into BMW lease deals. This can cut costs over a purchase and give you the freedom to upgrade after your term is up. And you can always look into becoming a Scoop driver to connect with other traffic-fighting commuters!

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