BMW Technology in Your Hands: Remote Services

August 17, 2016

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What can ConnectedDrive do for you? It’s actually one of the most powerful technologies in new BMW cars. This iconic brand has always been at the forefront of implementing technology to make your life easier and more convenient.  BMW technology is centered around the driver, but in today’s connected world, you want to be in control out of the car as well as in.

ConnectedDrive can help you locate a car in a crowded lot, lock and unlock the car, operate it remotely, and even warm it up on a frigid day or cool it down on a hot day. But that’s all old hat. It’s convenient, and it’s there because you will use it, but what else can ConnectedDrive do? As an app fully integrated into your driving experience through your smartphone, it can actually learn your habits as a driver.

Heading to a location? You can get navigation help. Lose your way? It’ll help you find it again. Need to update family about your arrival time? It’ll do so automatically if you want. In fact, it can even give you recommendations at your destination based on your tendencies. It can organize playlists, contacts, memos – whatever you need doing.

ConnectedDrive is also designed to help you keep your other apps organized and neatly accessible. Whether they’re driving-related or otherwise, they’ll be made easier to use during your drive. In fact, additional apps can be downloaded to help you do everything from see the road better to parallel park without a hitch.

Why do engineers put this kind of technology in new BMW cars? Because life is tough enough! If there are ways to make the driving experience that much more stress-free, why not take advantage? BMW technology is centered around the driver, whether you’re in the car or out of it. Ask your BMW dealer to tell you about ConnectedDrive and how it can help make life run that much more smoothly for you.

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