BMW Touch Screen Key Fob is Now Available!

September 15, 2016

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It’s incredible the way technology continues to march on, second by second. It becomes better and better, as well as more impressive with every single step it takes. Even beyond smartphones – which provide you with a wealth of knowledge and power in the palm of your hand – BMW delivers the touch screen key fob. When you search for a 2016 BMW for sale, look into this great feature.

BMW accessories are always special, but this one is especially exciting. It offers the driver a plethora of information about the car he or she is driving, from fuel levels to window status, weather information to service information, and even more. Comfortable enough to sit in the palm of your hand, you can simply swipe to access the info you need or want. Quick. Convenient. Seamless.

If the 2016 BMW for sale that you’ve been eyeing features a keyless entry option, all you need is the key fob to complete your Ultimate Driving experience. Your car will feature wireless identification. What does that mean? Once you’re close, the fob and car will recognize each other and the car will unlock. Super simple – and fast.

Inside the fob is a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. But where do you plug it in, you may ask? That is also extremely simple. Just as smart as so many other BMW accessories, the touch screen key fob recharges wirelessly in the car. Just pop it into the charging tray in front of the gear lever, and that’s that.

The fob was unveiled during CES in 2015. Well received – and eagerly anticipated – the feature is coming to a BMW near you! In fact, if you’re looking at a 2016 BMW for sale – particularly the i8, then be prepared to explore the premium key fob. Ask your BMW experts and discover even more about the possibilities of BMW accessories. If the key fob is your first accessory, then it goes without saying that the other things BMW makes are just as fantastic.

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