Check Out The BMW That Changes Color

February 01, 2023
bmw that changes color

Why You Need to Check Out The BMW That Changes Color 

A white car on hot days and a black car on cold days? Yes, that’s what the i Vision Dee concept car, a BMW that changes color, is bringing to the automobile industry. The car can cycle between 32 different colors, depending on the mood of the driver.

Let’s see more about this BMW color-changing concept car.

BMW that Changes Color

The iVision Dee (Digital Emotional Experience) is the first BMW that changes color. It is a midsize electric sports sedan with a 3-series-sized design. It uses E Ink technology to cycle between 32 different colors on demand.

The body features 240 E Ink segments that can be controlled independently. It is coated using a customizable and power-effective Prism 3 film technology. Prism 3 film has microcapsule pigments that change when power is applied.

A car that can talk; that’s the concept BMW revealed at CES 2023. The i Vision Dee is built on augmented reality and voice-driven virtual assistants. The closed BMW kidney grille and headlights form a physical and digital fusion that enables the car to produce various facial expressions.

The visual look of i vision Dee is a cross between a Tesla Model 3 and BMW’s famous models, such as E30. It features a kidney grille and a rear light bar ( to sweep across the entire front and the trunk, respectively).

The BMW i Vision Dee merges the functions of a dashboard and infotainment system into an augmented reality display. It has a touch panel that regulates information a driver can access. The steering wheel and seats are pared down.

Where Can I Buy a BMW Color-Changing Car? 

BMW that changes color is still an in-house R&D project set to change the future of cars. But looking back at the i8 supercar and i3 city car, we can predict that BMW will commission this concept car for production in the future. You can buy new BMW models at Braman BMW’s West Palm Beach, FL, dealership.

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