Comparing and Contrasting BMW i3 & i8

March 22, 2015

BMW i3 and BMW i8

BMW makes not one, but two electric cars. So what exactly is the difference between the two? After all, shouldn’t they just bother making one electric car and make it the best it can be? At least, that’s what some may say. The funny thing is that if that argument were true, one could say the same about every multiple SUV and car that BMW – or any car manufacturer – makes that runs on gasoline. Still, knowing what the difference is between the BMW i3 and BMW i8 can help you make your final decisions when you see a BMW i8 for sale or, if not to buy, a BMW i3 for lease.

The i8 is, in many ways, built off the i3. It uses the same engine technology. Both interiors are stunning, though some may prefer one over the other, such as the wood dash and floating screens of the i3 or the custom stitching of the i8. In terms of materials, the i8 features a lot of new things, such as carbon fiber materials and Heron wing doors. Both can come in different colors, yet strangely enough the i8’s white is considered a premium color while with the i3 it’s standard.

If you want more tech, the i3 actually has it. From the self-parking ability to adaptive cruise control, the i3 can, quite literally, handle itself. The i8 doesn’t feature these things, among others, but does include collision and pedestrian avoidance with sensors and cameras. The navigation screen for the i3 is larger than the i8, but both of them do feature high quality sound so you can rock out to your tunes in style.

In many ways, the i3 is the everyman’s electric car, while the i8 is the slick-styled, check-me-out car. The i8 helps show you what a great deal the i3 can be for those looking for a good electric car. In the end, check out both and discover which one you like better.

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