Drive Away in Your New BMW Electric Car

October 22, 2014

Drive Away in a New BMW Electric Car

the bmw i3 electric carBMW is known for making stand-out cars. Their BMW i3 adheres to the classic aim of BMW to create vehicles that make people look twice, think twice, and realize that behind all the beauty is a true feat of engineering. This is BMW’s serious foray into the world of electric cars. And they’ve aimed to get it right.

To be a first as the BMW electric car, the i3 offers up plenty of great things. The liquid-cooled 22-kilowatt-hour battery provides drivers with 80-100 miles in range, making the BMW i3 perfect for city driving and even a few short trips here and there. You can go from 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, giving it solid acceleration power. If you want to go longer, the i3 can be equipped with a small gas engine, effectively doubling the range.

This particular BMW electric car has a very unique styling to it. While some people are getting used to it, most are simply trying to get used to it not having the classic BMW look. But that’s what makes it a stand-out car. The one-of-a-kind design will draw gazes and make people ask questions. The more people talk, the better. BMW doesn’t blend in with the crowd, so why make a car that looks like everything else?

Lightweight, aerodynamic, driving the BMW i3 has a nice, stable feel to it, allowing you plenty of control as you zoom over the road. Even better, cold and hot weather aren’t going to impact how the i3 drives because of the active liquid thermal management system. It keeps the battery at a stable temperature so you’re ready to be on your way with no problems – charge for a few hours for maximum power and that’s it.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a good eco-friendly car, then this BMW electric car is a fantastic, affordable choice that gives you luxury and environmental responsibility all in one.

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