How BMW Will Use Recycled Battery Materials

May 11, 2023
graphic showcasing BMW recycled battery materials

There are many questions regarding BMW recycled battery materials and how the company has made steps to reduce its battery costs by adopting the new program. The BMW recycling program is a step in the right direction for the company as it seeks to overcome the ethical and regulatory challenges involved in sourcing battery materials. Does using recycled battery materials help the company in the long term? Continue reading to find out.

BMW Recycled Battery Materials Process

Most automakers face the challenge of generating profits from the sale of electric vehicles, and the key hurdle they face is battery costs. The Brilliance Automotive joint venture (BBA) established in China by BMW Group seeks to not only increase the company’s sales but also to promote the protection of the environment. In the process the programs aims to support China’s efforts of transforming to a low CO2 economy.

Obsolete batteries that have a significant residual power have the capability to store energy in electric vehicles. However, batteries need to meet certain standards for them to be reused, and failure to meet them means they can be disassembled. Disassembling means that the core materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel can be used to produce new batteries.

Recycling Battery Materials is the Future

The fact that BMW recycled battery materials are being used more frequently is a crucial step in the future with new trends in battery development showing that sustainable battery cell recycling is the future. Recycling battery material when they are near the conclusion of their lifecycle will be a key process in the future, and will play a key role in minimizing the challenges associated with sourcing battery components.

BMW Group is making an effort to promote this new trend through their collaboration with Northvolt, a Swedish battery manufacture. The key focus of this partnership is to develop sustainable battery cells, and promote the recycling of battery components in Europe.

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