New BMW i8 and i3 Electric Cars For Sale in West Palm Beach, Florida

February 03, 2016
BMW i8 Luxury Car | Braman BMW WPB

Everyone stares at the cars of the future that Hollywood movies present. They’re always so sleek. So cool. So amazingly futuristic, we wonder why we can’t have cars like that right now. What do those cars of the future run on? Solar power? Cold fusion? Pure electricity?

Guess what? Those cars of the future are here.

BMW i8 Luxury Car | Braman BMW WPB

Braman BMW is excited to see the new BMW i8 and i3 appear and they’re ready to start selling them to equally excited customers. BMW dealers have been waiting for this moment for years. The i8 features a powerful electric battery that uses recharging stations to fill up on electric power, but in case you’re worried about not being around a charging station, or simply drive enough to require a little something extra, it also comes with a small gas-powered engine to keep you going those additional miles. The i3 is purely electric, utilizing a powerful lithium ion battery to propel the car down the road with the ride and feel of any other car. Nothing is sacrificed in order to create the new BMW i8 or i3 – both cars are made in Leipzig, Germany with the greatest of care and attention.

BMW dealers will be thrilled to show these cars off, Braman included. The i8 is a thrilling sports car with an extraordinarily sexy look, while the i3 is pleased to appeal to a wide audience in its functionality, while still maintaining a classy, futuristic style in order to boast its electric power over other gas guzzlers.

You need to come down to Braman BMW in order to discover the brand new BMW i8 and i3 for yourself. Take a few test drives to see which one you like better. Ask staff about the differences, interior, exterior, and engineering designs to fully understand each one and decide which car you should take home with you today.

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